6 Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans For 2023

Have you ever been too lazy to make a cup of coffee? Have you ever desired your coffee to be a bit chocolatey? If yes, this is going to be an interesting read for you.

Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate-flavored coffee is getting more and more popular these days. But not everyone has the patience or money to get a rich, chocolatey mocha. To save you time and money, chocolate-covered espresso beans are here for you.

With these beans, you will get the best of chocolate and caffeine. So read along and find the best chocolate covered espresso beans for you.

Detailed Comparison Table

Hill Farm Gourmet Dark ChocolateResealable, plastic pouchCheck Price
SweetGourmet White MilkWhite, Milk, and Dark ChocolatePaper pouchCheck Price
Trader Joe’s Dark ChocolateDark ChocolatePlastic containerCheck Price
Dark Chocolate CoveredDark ChocolateResealable, plastic pouchCheck Price
LaetaFood ChocolateWhite, Milk, and Dark ChocolateResealable, plastic pouchCheck Price
Sunny Island Chocolate White, Milk, and Dark ChocolatePlastic pouchCheck Price

What to Look Before Buying The Good Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans?

Before getting into the main review of our selected espresso beans, we would like to provide you with a helpful guide on buying good chocolate-covered espresso beans. Here are the things you should look for:


Chocolate-covered espresso beans come in different flavors. The three common flavors are Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate.

Sometimes, beans blend in all three different flavors and package together. Depending on your taste, choose your desired flavor. If you want to try out different flavors, take a blend.

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The packaging of chocolate covered espresso beans will determine how well-protected they are. Transparent ones are good for getting a better view of the beans. Besides, you should always consider getting eco-safe, reusable packaging.


Ingredients play a key role in the taste and safety of espresso-covered beans. It is always better to get beans derived organically. If possible, the chocolate should be organic as well. Again, if possible, get beans that do not have sodium in them. Try to avoid artificial preservatives and colors as well.


Although there are several ingredients in a chocolate covered espresso bean, the primary two ingredients are chocolate and the bean. You must consider the proportion of these two ingredients before buying.

If you are looking for a caffeinated snack, the proportion of espresso beans must be higher. It should be the opposite if you want a sweet snack.

Melting Protection

Since espresso beans are coated with chocolate, they need extra protection during shipment. Chocolate can easily melt during hot weather, and the beans can clamp up together too. Therefore, you must check whether there are proper safety measures or not. Insulation, ice packs, etc., must remain within the package.


Price is an essential factor in every product, not just espresso beans. That being said, there is an average per-ounce price of espresso beans. While buying, you must check whether you are paying too much or not.

List of 6 Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Let’s move on to the reviews now. From a selection of numerous chocolate covered espresso beans, we have picked the top six ones!

1. Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Our first pick comes in two different quantities, one with two pounds and another with five pounds. If you are more comfortable measuring by ounces, the amount is thirty-two oz. Even the pricing is determined on a per-ounce basis, and it falls on the affordable side.

Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Let’s talk about the packaging now. The coffee beans are packaged into a lightweight plastic bag. Like a zip-lock pouch, you can reseal this bag.

As it is resealable, you can use the bag again for other purposes. Therefore, even though the package is made of plastic, it is reusable.

Moving forward, we have the main product – the espresso beans. They have a dark chocolate flavor.

Manufactured in Europe, the chocolate is described as “gourmet.” As the flavor is dark chocolate, it will work to elevate your spirit. Both espresso beans and dark chocolate contain caffeine, which is the reason behind this dose of stimulant.

If you want your coffee to be a little chocolatey but don’t want the chocolate to camouflage the authentic flavor of the coffee beans, this might be an ideal pick for you!


  • Coated with premium quality chocolate
  • Dark chocolate acts as an extra booster of caffeine along with the coffee beans
  • A resealable pouch helps to reuse the package and, in turn, safeguards the environment from plastic disposal
  • Rich, European chocolate provides little sweetness
  • Created with a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee flavors


  • The packaging is made of plastic
  • The layer of chocolate is very thick, which some users may not prefer
  • Extremely crunchy beans need to be measured before consumption

Product Information

Model NumberHHF406
ManufacturerHoosier Hill Farm LLC
Dimensions11.69 x 6.89 x 2.52 inches; 2 Pounds

2. SweetGourmet Chocolate Covered Beans

Moving forward to the second pick, we have quite an affordable option for you. This brand has many flavors and quantities, but one of the most popular ones is the blend of white, milk, and dark chocolates.

SweetGourmet has a range of espresso beans. There is a milk chocolate covered one, a dark chocolate covered one, and two types of blends. Other than the blend we are discussing, there is a blend of milk and dark chocolates.

SweetGourmet Chocolate Covered Beans

The blend of white, milk, and dark chocolates comes in three different quantities – one pound, two pounds, and three pounds.

Naturally, the one-pound one is the most affordable one and also the one we are recommending. Rich, good-flavored blends are quite rare in the market, and the SweetGourmetchocolate espresso beans blend is one of the best ones out there.

The three distinct flavors leave a rich and exquisite flavor in your mouth that keeps you asking for more. Since all the flavors are so different, there is a perfect balance of sweetness and something for everyone.

Those of you who enjoy different flavors of espresso beans and are looking for a blend to cover all the flavors you like, pick this one without thinking twice.


  • There are different quantities of the product to choose from
  • Three distinctive flavors create a perfect blend of espresso beans
  • Different sweetness options are available for everyone
  • Paper-made packaging is easy to use and eco-friendly
  • Perfect for using as garnish on desserts as these have a little bit of crunch


  • Smaller in size compared to most other chocolate covered beans
  • Coffee beans are a little hard
  • Not suitable to be ordered in cold weather since it melts easily

Product Information

Dimensions9 x 4.6 x 3 inches; 1 Pounds

3. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Beans

Trader Joe’s is well-known for the variety of snacks it offers, and their dark chocolate espresso beans are yet another staple in the brand.

While most of the chocolate covered espresso beans contain a bunch of artificial chemicals, including emulsifiers and sweeteners, the Trader Joe’s one is made primarily of organic ingredients.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate  Beans

After all, the use of organic ingredients is what Trader Joe’s is famous for. Although the espresso beans do not match the USDA degree completely, they still surpass most other brands.

Instead of a small plastic bag, the beans come in a fairly large plastic container. While the size is decent, it isn’t the most eco-safe packaging. Ingredients are what make these coffee beans so different.

The espresso beans are entirely made of Arabica beans and do not contain any preservatives, additional flavors, or artificial colors. They are completely natural and devoid of chemical presence.

Despite being organically produced, these coffee beans do not lack the rich, moist flavor of gourmet chocolate.

Another great thing about these espresso beans is that they have vitamins and minerals in them. However, they are completely free of fat or sugar. If you are looking for snacks that are tasty and healthy at the same time, you can go for these beans.


  • Beans do not contain any additional colors, artificial preservatives, or flavors
  • Contains hundred-percent organically produced chocolate
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and elements of protein, calcium, etc.
  • Despite having no artificial additives, the chocolate is richly flavored
  • Has an extra punch of chocolate for people who like their beans to be more chocolatey


  • Big, plastic-made packaging takes up a large space and is not eco-friendly
  • Contains some amount of fat and sugar
  • Coated chocolate melts easily since the ice pack does not work very well

Product Information

ManufacturerTrader Joe’s
FlavorDark Chocolate
Size14 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 inches; 14 Ounces

4. First Choice Candy Dark Chocolate Beans

If you are more of a minimalist, you are going to love this pick by First Choice Candy.

When you first look at the packaging of these coffee beans, you will notice how simple it is. These espresso coffee beans come in a transparent pouch, resealable pouch.

You can take a clear look at the products inside, and since the pouch is resealable, you can make other uses of it as well. In the summer, First Choice Candy also provides ice packs to prevent melting.

First Choice Candy Dark Chocolate Beans

However, simple packaging is not the only highlight of this product. You could say that in terms of componentry, this product is more of a snack than a bean.

Instead of coating whole espresso beans with a chocolate, First Choice Candy has placed small pieces of beans inside thick balls of dark chocolate. Fat and sugar both are present in the beans.

Therefore, it is pretty easy for you to decide whether you want to pick it up or not. If you wish to heavy doses of caffeine, this one might not be for you as it is not that overwhelming. But if you are looking for a treat that contains both coffee and chocolate, this is your perfect option.


  • Has an environment-safe, resealable pouch
  • Transparent packaging makes it easy to view the product
  • Comes with an ice pack to prevent melting during the hot weather
  • Available in 3 different quantities, providing various options for users
  • Suitable for those who do not want a heavy dose of caffeine


  • Packaging is simple but not sturdy enough
  • Contains both fat and sugar
  • Unsuitable for those who want more caffeine elements in their coffee beans rather than chocolate

Product Information

FlavorDark Chocolate
Size2 Pound (Pack of 1)
Dimensions8 x 8 x 2.9 inches; 2 Pounds

5. LaetaFood Chocolate Covered Beans

Although named a bit differently, this product is essentially a blend of different flavored espresso beans.

Like our previous pick, the LaetaFood chocolate covered espresso beans arrive in very simple, transparent packaging. The packaging is made of plastic but can be resealed. So although it is not exactly environment-friendly, it is recyclable. Considering the amount, the per-ounce pricing is also well-determined.

LaetaFood Chocolate Covered Beans

As it is a blend, the espresso beans are available in various flavors. There are three different flavors, namely white, milk, and dark chocolate. Hence, there is a little something for people of every taste. Instead of focusing more on chocolate or caffeine, LaetaFood has maintained a good balance between both flavors.

Despite claiming to be balanced, these tri-flavored blends tend to fall more on the sweet side.

So, instead of providing you with caffeine doses, these beans will be able to meet your sweet cravings. Many brands tend to hide the fact that their beans are more chocolatey than caffeinated. But LaetaFood has marketed these beans as “candy,” giving users straightforward information about the product.


  • Three different flavors allow people of different tastes to have options
  • Each flavor is rich and made of high-quality chocolate
  • Provides precise information about the features of the product by marketing as “candy”
  • Packaging is simple and transparent
  • Can be used as a sweet snack as well as an ingredient


  • Not recommended for people who require more caffeine in their coffee beans
  • Packaging is minimal but not well-made
  • Like most other blends, the espresso bean portion is hard and difficult to consume

Product Information

FlavorWhite, dark, and milk chocolate, espresso beans
Size2 Pound (Pack of 1)
Dimensions7 x 5 x 3 inches; 2 Pounds
Weight2 Pounds

6. Sunny Island Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

For our final suggestion, we have another blend of different flavors!

Let’s start with the packaging. Similar to most other espresso coffee beans in this list, this one has plastic-made packaging as well. This one comes in a pouch format. However, the pouch is neither resealable nor completely transparent. It is only partially transparent, which does allow users to have a look at the product.

Sunny Island Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

However, since the pouch is not even resealable, it is not safe for the environment. As for the aesthetics, the pouch looks very refined with a beautiful color combination and a small transparent portion that makes the view of the beans inside clear.

In the two-pound bag, there are about two-fifty pieces of beans, which is quite a lot.

It’s no new information that blend means you can have different flavors in one product. It is the same as this one. The three flavors are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Although it is marketed as a “candy,” Sunny Island has also mentioned that the beans are made with a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee.

Made of roasted, whole coffee beans, each product is also coated with rich, gourmet chocolate.


  • Considering the per-ounce price of the beans, it is quite affordable
  • Comes in a sleek, semi-transparent packaging
  • Distinct flavors provide an option for people of different coffee bean tastes
  • Has a perfect blend of caffeine and chocolate
  • Has a soft chocolate shell
  • The beans are freshly roasted


  • Packaging is not environment-friendly or resealable
  • Melts easily during heat due to the absence of ice pack
  • Size is very small in comparison

Product Information

ManufacturerEspresso Beans
FlavorMilk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate
Size2 Pound (Pack of 1)
Dimensions7 x 5 x 2 inches; 2 Pounds
Weight2 Pounds

Difference Between Espresso Beans And Coffee Beans

Although they are considered the same thing, espresso beans are different from coffee beans. Here are the differences between the two depending on different factors.


The main difference between espresso beans and coffee beans can be found by tasting them. Since espresso beans are more refined in the making process, they produced a stronger taste compared to coffee beans. Regular coffee is definitely milder than espresso.

Brewing Process

Espresso is brewed through a special process that requires an espresso machine. Since you try to bring refined flavors in making espresso, you need the right machine and skillset. On the other than, coffee can be made in a regular coffee pot.

Amount of Caffeine

It is a common belief that espresso contains more caffeine than coffee. But it is not true at all. In reality, a cup of regular coffee contains more caffeine than a shot of espresso. However, when it comes to caffeine concentration, espresso has a slightly higher amount.

Roasting Time

You may have noticed that espresso contains a darker color than regular coffee. It is because it is roasted longer. The general roasts for drip coffee are light, medium, and medium-dark. But for espresso, roasting is done past these types.

Grind Type

Espresso beans are usually ground to peak refinement. Hence, the grind type is finer than the traditional coffee beans. The grounds are tightly packaged along, and hot water is passed through. As a result, a very fine grind is created.

Benefits Of Chocolate Espresso Beans

Chocolate espresso beans are quite popular since they can be easily consumed. However, there are also speculations regarding its benefits. Here are some proven beneficial aspects of consuming chocolate espresso beans.

Presence of Antioxidants

Your body requires antioxidants to a certain level, especially to neutralize the free radicals that can cause harm to your tissues. Both espresso beans and chocolate contain antioxidants. More than coffee, chocolate acts as an antioxidant carrier. The darker your chocolate is, the more antioxidants it carries.


Both coffee and chocolate provide different types of stimulation to your body as well as mind. They can improve your daily functions by providing stimuli to your mind.

Caffeine present in both of these can make you more alert by carrying extra oxygen to your brain. Besides, both chocolate and coffee can slightly stimulate biological processes like easing the process of defecating.

Boosting Mood

When it comes to boosting the mood, the first two edibles that come to anyone’s mind are chocolate and coffee. Espresso beans, being darker, help to refresh the mind even more. They provide a strong surge of energy altogether. Chocolate, on the other hand, makes people feel positively refreshed.

A Sweet Snack

Chocolate espresso beans can be a great snack. They are easy to carry and do not require any kind of preparation. You can also use them on your desserts as a garnish.

Although they have some benefits, you should consume chocolate espresso beans in moderation. If you consume without any consideration, you might face health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chocolate covered espresso beans good?

Yes, chocolate covered espresso beans are safe and tasty. They act as a great source of caffeine boost as well as a sweet snack. However, you should not consume an excessive amount of these beans. Over-consumption of these beans may lead to different health crises.

How many dark chocolate covered espresso beans should I eat?

Since both dark chocolate and espresso beans contain caffeine, dark chocolate covered espresso beans should not be consumed in excess.

After calculating the average amount of caffeine per bean and the amount present in each chocolate coating, it has been determined that you can eat around thirty of these beans at most.

Is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

Yes, if you have the time and patience, it is always better to grind your own coffee beans. No matter how flavored your instant coffee powder is, it cannot match upto the richness of freshly ground coffee beans. However, it is a time-consuming process that needs expertise.

How many chocolate covered espresso beans equal a cup of coffee?

Here, the calculation depends upon the size of your coffee mug. If we consider the average coffee mug, around thirty chocolate-covered espresso beans will be equivalent to a cup of coffee.

Do chocolate covered espresso beans make you poop?

Yes, chocolate covered espresso beans can make you poop. First of all, caffeine is a strong stimulant and will boost your urge to defecate. Again, in every chocolate covered espresso bean, there remains a certain amount of fiber. This fiber, too, stimulates the same cause.

How much should I pay for coffee beans?

How much you should pay for coffee beans depends on what type of beans you are buying and what amount you are willing to spend. From our reviews, we have determined that the average price per ounce of coffee beans is around 0.7 dollars.


Time to end this long discussion on our favorite topic – coffee beans! To be precise, this was a hunt for the best chocolate covered espresso beans. Hopefully, we have had some luck with it.

We have reviewed different types of espresso beans in this article. For your ease of selection, we have carefully presented all the factors. Now it is time for you to pick up some beans and munch on them! Happy snacking!

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