The 5 Best Espresso Cups in 2023

Are you using a regular cup for your favorite caffeinated drink every day? If that is the case, then you’re doing it all wrong! Espresso isn’t meant to be taken in any regular cup. You need to choose a cup that suits your taste.

Yes, different cups will make the coffee taste different. This is why it’s necessary to get a cup that will help you get the taste you want out of your favorite drink.

Needless to say, getting the right espresso cup will be quite a challenge and require a fair bit of research. To help you with that, we’ll be reviewing the best espresso cups on the market. With this, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you need.

Our Top Picks

JoyJolt Savor Insulated GlassGlass5.4 Fluid OuncesGlassCheck Price
DeLonghi Double ThermoGlass3.04 Fluid OuncesClearCheck Price
Kitchables Espresso Shot Glass2.7 Fluid OuncesGlassCheck Price
Aozita Espresso CupsPorcelain2.5 Fluid OuncesWhiteCheck Price
Zenco Living Espresso CupsGlass4.0 Fluid OuncesTransparentCheck Price

What to Consider Before Buying the Right Espresso Cup?

Since you’ve read this article up to this point, you know what the right espresso cups are right now. It’s only natural if you’re confused about which one to pick.

As you can see, although all of them are espresso cups, they are quite different from each other in terms of build quality. In this section, we’ll learn what differentiates an espresso cup from another, and how you can pick the right one for yourself.


When it comes to espresso cups, there are three major build materials. You’ll find cups made of glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. While it might seem to newbies that each of these types will provide the same experience, the opposite is true.

If you’re looking for good heat retention, then you should go with ceramic cups. Ceramic cups are capable of retaining the heat of your drink for the longest period. On the other hand, glass or stainless-steel cups don’t do a great job in this case.

Then again, if you need your cups to retain the heat for a longer time, you can get a double-walled cup. These cups are far better at heat retention. They cost more as well.        

If you want to preserve the original taste of the coffee, then you should go with either ceramic or glass cups. These cups don’t add any flavor to the drink, and you’ll get a genuine coffee experience from them. However, the same can’t be said for stainless steel cups, as these tend to add a metallic flavor to the drink.

Microwave ovens are widely used. They can be used to warm up your favorite cup of coffee. You can use them to prepare your cup of coffee, too. The problem is, not every material supports a microwave oven.

You can place ceramic or glass cups in them. It’s highly advised that you don’t place stainless-steel cups in microwave ovens. Doing so might even result in fatal accidents.

Finally, you need to consider one last thing, which is durability. As we all know, ceramic and glass don’t stand a chance against stainless steel in terms of durability. Looking back, you’ll see that stainless steel falls behind the other two in most aspects.

Still, a lot of people put durability above all. So, if durability is a prime concern to you, then you should consider getting a stainless-steel espresso cup. Otherwise, we highly recommend going for a ceramic or glass cup.


Most people don’t even know that the gap between the rim of the cup and the level of the drink can create a major difference. If you’re a person who understands wine, then you might know this.

The same applies to coffee. In fact, the effect is far stronger when it comes to coffee. This is why it’s necessary to buy a cup that fits your requirement. How will you determine that?

Well, different types of drinks must be taken in different amounts. For example, a single espresso drink will amount to 3 ounces ideally.

There are four different sizes to choose from. These are;

  • Doppio Normale- 2 ounces
  • Demitasse- 2-3 ounces
  • Doppio Lungo- 3 ounces
  • Latte/Cappuccino- 5 ounces

Among these standard sizes, pick the one that suits your drink. For example, you can get the demitasse if you mostly drink single or double-shot espresso. You’ll require a cup of 5-ounce or higher volume if you’re going to prepare flat white or cappuccino.

The lesser the gap is between the rim of the cup and the level of the drink, the better it will be for you. This is why you should never get a cup that’s larger than the amount of coffee you usually drink.


Now, this part is completely subjective. You can choose between different finishes & styles and decide which cup’s more appropriate for your lifestyle & choices. There are tons of different designs to choose from. We highly recommend investing some time into this.

Your coffee-drinking experience should be relaxing. The outlook of the cup can play a major role in that. This is why we recommend you get a design that’s soothing to you.

Also, we have reviewed a list of top espresso k cups for you. Just have a look.

List of 5 Best Espresso Cups Explained

In this section, we’ll discover the top espresso cups that you can buy right now. You will find the very best products reviewed. Thus, you’ll know which product will suit you better.

JoyJolt Savor Insulated Glass Espresso Cups

If you’re looking for coffee mugs with great heat retention but don’t like ceramic cups, then you should go for these glass mugs from JoyJolt. You’ll get a set of two handmade mugs in this set. Both of them offer a great set of features.

These cups offer a durable build quality. Even though they are made of glass, they won’t break from fall. They also offer a double-walled design. This design will help with heat retention, as the inner wall will remain isolated from the environment.

The JoyJolt Savor thermo mugs are very convenient as well. As these are made of glass, you’ll be able to put them in a microwave oven without any problem. This will help you warm your drink without any hassle.

JoyJolt Savor Insulated Glass Espresso Cups

These are also freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. If you own a dishwasher, you’ll be able to clean these mugs without any problem.

The borosilicate glass composition of these glasses is what makes them strong and durable. They are made with a heat and condensation process, which plays a great role in making the glass durable.

And they aren’t only durable; the heat retention capacity is further boosted due to the special glass composition. It helps you retain the temperature of not only warm drinks but also chilled drinks.

The design of these mugs is unique. They look great, too. Some space will remain between the outer and inner walls, and this vacuum will make it look even better.

Product Information

Model NumberJG10213
Capacity5.4 Fluid Ounces
Dimensions3.7 x 3.7 x 3.58 inches
Weight5.4 ounces
Specific Uses For ProductHot Drinks

DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses

As the second product on our list, we have the De’Longhi double-walled glasses. These glasses are made especially for espresso. Unlike the previous product, this one isn’t large. In fact, this is one of the smallest cups that you’ll find on this list.

The De’Longhithermo glasses offer a capacity of 1.92 ounces. This makes it the best cup for consuming single or double-shot espresso. These aren’t made through the condensation method like the previous product. However, you can expect a similar level of durability.

These thermo glasses are double-walled, too. As they are made of glass, the double-wall design helps retain the temperature better. You’ll be able to keep your drinks at the right temperature for a long time, and that doesn’t depend on whether the drink is warm or cold.

DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses

Cleaning these cups will be a breeze. All you need to do is put them in the dishwasher, as these are completely dishwasher-safe. However, you might want to clean them manually following our maintenance guide to keep them free of coffee stains.

Although these are glass built, they are quite durable. However, you might not find these as durable as some other cups out there, because these weren’t made using the condensation method.

Overall, these are one of the most convenient espresso cups that you can get right now. One thing that could’ve been improved is the handle. These cups don’t offer any handles. Having one would make things easier.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have a hard time using them, as the double-wall design keeps the outer wall relatively cooler than the inner one.

Product Information

Model Number5513214591
ManufacturerDeLonghi America, Inc.
Capacity2 Ounces
Dimensions2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight2 ounces
Specific Uses For ProductCold Drinks, Hot Drinks
Country of OriginUSA

Kitchables Espresso Shot Glass Coffee Set

If you’re looking for a lightweight espresso shot glass, then you should definitely get these glasses from Kitchables. These glasses were created to solve a major problem, which is losing the heat of your favorite drink fast.

With these cups, you’ll be able to retain the heat of your favorite drink for a long time. These glasses are capable of retaining the temperature of both warm and cool drinks.

Like some of the other picks on this list, this one too comes with a borosilicate build. This composition not only makes the cup durable but also makes it quite lightweight. You won’t face any problems when using this glass due to its weight.

Kitchables Espresso Shot Glass Coffee Set

This cup from Kitchables offers a double-wall design. The outer wall allows you to retain the temperature of the drink. It also allows you to hold the cup without any problem. Due to the design, the outer wall doesn’t get as warm as the inner one. However, it will be warm to some extent.

Another interesting thing about these glasses is their size. These glasses were designed for espresso, but you’ll also be able to serve other drinks in them. This is only because of their capacity. These glasses offer a capacity of 2.7oz. The capacity makes it perfect for serving espresso, be that a single or a double shot.

Then again, you’ll also be able to serve flat whites, tea, or cold drinks. While they’ll be in a smaller quantity than usual, it’s still an option. This is why we highly recommend this glass.

Product Information

Model NumberSYNCHKG128834
ColorSet of 4
Capacity2.7 Fluid Ounces
Dimensions7.52 x 7.32 x 4.06 inches
Weight2.68 ounces
Specific Uses For ProductHot and Cold Drinks

Aozita Espresso Cups, Saucers, and Spoons

The Aozitaespresso cups are for those who are looking for a complete set of espresso cups. In this pack, you’ll get four white espresso cups. These are porcelain cups and are capable of retaining the heat of your favorite coffee drink to a great extent.

These cups come with a beautiful white finish. They follow a very simple yet elegant design. You’ll also get other accessories, such as spoons and saucers. As these are porcelain cups, the outer wall will get heated easily. To help you with that, there are handles on these cups.

All of these are made of high-quality porcelain. They are capable of handling quite a lot of heat. You’ll be able to put them in the microwave. These are chip-free, too. So, you can rest assured that these won’t lose their finish over the years.

Aozita Espresso Cups, Saucers, and Spoons

However, as they’re porcelain made, the handle or the area around the rim might break from falling. This is why we recommend handling them with caution.

These cups are capable of serving 2.5 ounces of espresso. This is a standard size, and perfect for serving single or even double-shot espresso. You can also serve tea or other similar drinks in these. Despite providing 2.5-ounce capacity, these aren’t suitable for cold drinks due to their design.

Overall, this set is a great choice for those who want a complete set. You’ll get four cups, four saucers, and four spoons at a reasonable price.

Product Information

Model NumberM5
Capacity2.5 Ounces
Dimensions7.52 x 7.52 x 2.4 inches
Weight2.4 pounds
Specific Uses For ProductHot Drinks

Zenco Living Espresso Cups

Finally, we have the ZencoLiving espresso cups. This one’s a set as well. You’ll get six cups in this package. The cups provided in this set are made of glass, and they aren’t double-walled. This means you won’t get great heat retention from them.

Then again, these aren’t necessarily bad. They do provide some level of heat retention, which will be enough for most. The outer walls will get quite warm, but you’ll be able to hold the cups with the handles.

What’s unique about these is their size. These cups offer a 4-ounce capacity. This will allow you to serve many drinks, such as espresso, flat whites, latte, and tea. You’ll also be able to serve juices in this.

Zenco Living Espresso Cups

Despite the high capacity, these cups are quite lightweight. They weigh only 1.1 pounds. So, they are very easy to handle.

One problem most people suffer from is coffee stains. Luckily, this cup is great at preventing them. You won’t see any stains on these cups despite regular usage. This means you won’t have to invest much time and effort into maintaining these.

So, if you want a cup with high capacity and low maintenance, get this. These are easy to clean and can be used to serve a lot of different drinks. The only problem with these is heat retention. But they should provide enough heat retention for most.

Product Information

Number of Items6
Capacity4 Fluid Ounces
Dimensions5 x 5 x 2 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds
Specific Uses For ProductHot Drinks
Special FeatureScratch Resistant

Espresso Cup Maintenance Tips

Maintaining an espresso cup is of paramount importance. The better you can maintain your espresso cup, the longer you will be able to use it. It’s not that tough to get rid of coffee stains, but standard cleaning procedures won’t be able to do the job. So, you need to put extra effort into it.

There are multiple ways in which you can keep your espresso cup clean as new. Here are some of the most effective ones-

Washing with Ice and Salt

One of the easiest DIY methods is using salt and ice. In this technique, you’ll have to fill the bottom of the cup with some crushed ice and pinches of salt. Unlike any other method, you won’t have to use any sponges. Rather, you need to cover the cup with plastic wraps and shake it vigorously.

Once that’s done, just clean the cup by rinsing, and you’ll be good to go!

Soaking in Vinegar

First, fill the cup in half with boiling water. Fill the rest of the cup with white vinegar. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Then, simply dump the mixture and rub the glass with a sponge. Make sure you use an abrasive sponge, as these are great at cleaning coffee stains.

Sprinkling Baking Soda Paste

In this method, you have to create a paste by mixing warm water and baking soda. Pour the mixture into the espresso cup. You can make the mixture inside the cup, too.

Fortunately, you won’t have to let this sit, which makes it one of the fastest procedures out there. Simply scrub the cup with a sponge, and you’ll be able to get rid of the stains.

Adding Denture Tablets

Another easy process is using denture tablets. Add warm water and one of these tablets. Then, clean the cup with sponges.

Mugs Vs. Espresso Cups

A lot of people might wonder why you should choose an espresso cup over a regular coffee cup. There are multiple reasons behind that. We’ll go through those in this section.

  • The Gap between Drink and Rim of the Cup

First of all, with mugs, you’re likely to leave a lot of space between the rim of the mug and the level of the drink, which can ruin the flavor. You won’t be taking espresso in large quantities. So, you must get a cup that provides the exact volume that will help you keep the gap to a minimum.

  • Impact in Taste

Cups are capable of changing the flavor of the coffee. If you drink from a stainless-steel or a plastic mug, the taste of the coffee will be drastically different, as these materials tend to change the taste of coffee.

You don’t want that, do you? The taste of your coffee must remain genuine, and this is where espresso cups come in. Most espresso cups are made of either ceramic or glass.

These materials tend to preserve the natural flavor of the coffee. However, there are a handful of cups that are made of stainless steel which do provide some value through their durability.

  • Heat Retention Capability

Heat retention is another important factor. You don’t want your coffee to cool down within a few minutes. People usually leave their coffee to sit for some time.

Regular glass or stainless-steel mugs won’t be capable of retaining the heat of the coffee for a long time. You’ll need a double-walled cup for getting good heat retention from mugs. This is another factor where espresso cups perform better than regular mugs.


As you can see, regular mugs aren’t very suitable for drinking coffee. This is why you must get an espresso cup, as it can provide the best coffee-drinking experience you could ask for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size is an espresso cup?

You can get espresso cups in multiple sizes. There’s no specific size that can be considered as the perfect one for espresso cups. Rather, you have to choose a size from 2 to 5 ounces. This will depend on the drink.

That is why it’s important to consider the drink you’re going to take before buying an espresso cup.

  • What is a demitasse cup?

‘Demitasse’ means ‘half-cup.’ This is a French word. Usually, these cups can hold from 2 to 3 ounces of liquid. Why half-cup? Because these cups hold exactly half the amount of a regular coffee cup.

You can use demitasse cups to serve single or double-shot espresso, Turkish coffee, and other concentrated coffee drinks such as Greek coffee.

  • Why is espresso served in a small cup?

Espresso is usually consumed in small quantities. They are highly concentrated drinks. Taking them in huge quantities can be detrimental.

Serving espresso in regular coffee mugs will leave a lot of gap between the level of the drink and the rim of the cup. That can affect the coffee negatively. This is why they are served in smaller cups.

  • What is the standard coffee cup size?

Different types of coffee require different cup sizes, thus there’s no standard in a general sense. However, in the United States, coffee cups generally offer a capacity ranging from 8 to 12 ounces. While this size can be great for a latte, cappuccino, or flat whites, serving espresso in these cups isn’t wise.

  • Why do cups have saucers?

There are a lot of people who think that saucers are useless. They have two uses. Saucers help you hold the cup without burning your hands. Also, it helps you hold the cup with two hands for better stability.

Plus, saucers can be used for preserving wooden furniture, as they ensure the drink doesn’t come in contact with the wood.

  • How much in volume is a cup of espresso?

Usually, a cup of espresso can range between 2 to 4 ounces. In most cases, they are kept within 3 ounces. This applies to both single and double-shot espresso drinks.

In some cases, people use regular coffee cups of 8 ounces for serving espresso, but that isn’t recommended.

Final Words

This guide was written to make the buying procedure easier for you. Getting the best espresso cups for yourself can be challenging. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to choose the right one easily.

If you face any difficulty choosing the right product for yourself, refer to the buying guide. The products listed above are the best you can find, so you can pick any one of these without hesitation.

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