6 Best Espresso Machines Under $300 [Updated List]

Who doesn’t love a good quality espresso machine? Especially if you’re a coffee addict, you can’t live without one. Although they can be on the pricier side, you can still find a lot of options if you have a fixed budget.

Today we’re going to look for the best espresso machine under 300 that will not only be efficient but will also have good quality.

Best Espresso Machine Under 300

Finding an ideal espresso maker can get difficult since you have to go through all the important specifications, designs, and features.

To help you with your search, we’ve categorized six great espresso machine options with their characteristics, along with an informative guide that will help you find the best one for your home.

Detailed Comparison Table

BrandTypePump PressureWater TankPrice
De’Longhi COM532MSemi-automatic15 bar44 ozCheck Price
Calphalon BVCLECMP1Semi-automatic15 bar67 ozCheck Price
EspressoWorks AEW1000Semi-automatic15 bar42 ozCheck Price
De’Longhi EC702 Semi-automatic15 bar44 ozCheck Price
Mr. Coffee EM6701SSAutomatic19 bar50 ozCheck Price
Breville ESP8XL Cafe RomaSemi-automatic15 bar40 ozCheck Price

What Feature Should I Look for Before Picking Espresso Machine Under 300?

Picking a good espresso machine can get complicated since there are so many options out there, and everyone’s preferences are different. Let’s look at the essential features that you need to look for before buying an espresso machine –

Type of Machine

It is probably the most important feature that you need to look for before purchasing an espresso maker. The machine type of an espresso maker plays a vital role in its function.

Espresso machines come in two different types- a steam-driven machine and an a pump-driven machine. Steam-driven espresso machines are not that common, and they have limited functions, whereas pump-driven machines are primarily used nowadays.

Again, pump-driven machines vary from manual lever pumps to automatic pumps, semi-automatic pumps, as well as pods.

  • Manual Lever Pumps

Manual lever pumps require grinding beans and manual pumping of the espresso and offer full control with each step. But if you’re always in a rush and are new to coffee making, this might not be the one. Here you can check our list of manual espresso machines.

  • Semi-Automatic Pumps

Semi-automatic pumps need you to do everything similar to manual pumps; however, it includes buttons to operate the flow of water. So, if you like taking control of all the steps in the coffee-making process but still want something to take care of the water flow, you can go for this one.

  • Automatic Pumps

Automatic pumps are one step ahead and will carry out all the steps of coffee making except grinding the beans, so if you want something easy for every day, this is the one you should go for!

But if you’re just starting out with coffee making, pods are the best option for you. They are inexpensive, work similar to an automated pump but are very easy to use.

So, look for the machine that you will be most comfortable with before choosing an espresso maker. All types of espresso machines work well, but the best one is the one that you find easy to work with.

Size of the Water Reservoir

The size of the water reservoir also plays an important role when it comes to choosing espresso machines. Usually, water reservoir sizes give an idea about how many cups of coffee can be prepared without needing to refill. So, choose an ideal size depending on your requirement and preferences. Also, make sure that the reservoir is easy to clean and refill without much maintenance.

Consider the number of cups of coffee that you will need to make daily and how often you need to make coffee. Choose the espresso machine with a water reservoir that will fit your daily routine.

Display Settings

It is an important feature that you will find with semi-automatic and automatic coffee makers.

Usually, espresso makers have a built-in touch screen display with easy dials for navigation and picking coffee-making options. But some can contain a complicated interface that most users will find difficult to work with.

Choose an espresso maker that comes with some easy and convenient program settings in the display.

Ease of Cleaning

Since espresso makers are a part of everyday life and need to work on a daily basis, it can get tiring if it’s not easy to clean. An espresso maker that is large and built with multiple parts can take a lot of effort in cleaning.

So, choose an espresso maker that is lightweight, compact, with fewer parts, and easy to clean on a frequent basis.


Even if you’re planning to buy an espresso maker within 300, you can still find some renowned brands that have good warranty options, which can give you an idea about their longevity.

Purchasing an espresso maker can be worth it only if it is durable enough. So, make sure you get one with a solid and durable material.

These are some of the most important features that need to be looked at before buying an espresso maker. Only with an idea of the correct specifications can you choose the best espresso machine for your home or office.

Is $300 Enough for an Espresso Machine?

Right now, you will find espresso machines in the market with various price points, but if you want a decent machine for your home, 300$ is definitely a good price point. Although you won’t get supreme quality and smart built-in features with such espresso makers, the results will still be astonishing.

You will get a good quality espresso machine within this price point with all the essential components- a drip tray, water reservoir, milk frother, and a solid base. You also won’t have to worry about the quality since many popular and renowned brands have espresso machines within this price range.

For 300$, it is definitely possible to get a satisfactory semi-automatic or an automatic espresso machine with a solid design, decent features, and a good working capacity. Of course, you can’t expect very high-quality features like built-in grinders and dispensers with this price point, but the coffee would definitely turn out good. You can create perfect espresso with an espresso maker worth 300$ perfectly well.

Therefore, no need to worry if you’re tight on a budget because you can still find the perfect espresso machine for your home or office for under 300$.

List of 6 Best Espresso Machines Under 300

Are you looking for a good quality espresso machine 300? The struggle can be real, especially if quality matters a lot to you. Here are six great espresso machines for you to choose from –

1. De’Longhi COM532M All-in-One

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you must have heard of De’Longhiat at some point in your life. They make the best quality espresso makers out there! With some amazing features, you can expect this machine to provide you with the best service possible.

Built with a sleek and stylish design, this espresso maker will look attractive at any home. Not only does this comes in a good design, but it has promising features.

De'Longhi COM532M All-in-One  Top under 300

With the incorporation of the Dual Heating System, you can enjoy a warm cup of espresso, cold coffee, and many other coffee options through this machine. The dual heating system also makes it possible to brew coffee perfectly well. It has a 44 oz water tank that can be cleaned and refilled easily.

It also comes with 15 bar pressure that ensures the perfect pressure to brew your coffee and get the authentic taste.This pressure acts as an ideal pressure to brew your espresso and bring out the richness of the coffee. This espresso maker is also built with a digital touchscreen display that allows you to use it effortlessly. The 24-hour programmable timer is also an excellent feature included in this machine.

Additional features include a steam wand for perfect lattes and cappuccinos, as well as a carafe that helps you minimize waste with its spill-proof technology. Overall, this is a great machine to pick for your everyday coffee-making experiences.


  • Attractive design and outlook
  • Built with dual heating system
  • Makes perfect espresso
  • No risks of spilling
  • It can be used to prepare latte and cappuccinos


  • A water filter is not included
  • It has a short cup clearance feature

Specification Table

Model NumberCOM532M
Filter TypeReusable
Capacity10 Cups
Dimensions14.52 x 11.02 x 12.79 inches
Weight13.67 pounds
Power1500 watts
Voltage120 Volts

2. Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ

Another great option is this one from Calphalon. With tough quality material and unique features, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This espresso machine utilizes 15-bar pressure just like the previous one to make the best cup of warm espresso. With this pressure, you can be assured that you will get the most flavor out of the coffee. It is also the perfect pressure to deliver a good amount of froth on top of your coffee.

Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ

A unique feature of the espresso machine is the thermal block heating technology that ensures adequate pre-infusion for the coffee and later brews it at an ideal temperature. In this way, you can expect a uniform distribution of heat throughout the coffee.

You also get a 2L water reservoir which is a good size option for an espresso machine. With a reliable water reservoir like this, you can make cups of coffee each day without filling frequently.

Other features include a dial interface that allows you to choose from single shots, double shots as well as hot water. It is convenient to use and does not have any complicated settings. You also get a portafilter with the machine that does the job of water dispersion at a balanced rate. With this, you can experience all the features that a smart espresso machine would bear.


  • Perfect sized water reservoir present
  • Adequate water dispersion through the portafilter
  • Uses 15 bar pressure to make espresso
  • Built with thermal block heating technology
  • Convenient programmed settings


  • It comes with a manual steam wand
  • Tamper is made of plastic material

Specification Table

Model NumberBVCLECMP1
Capacity2 Liters
Dimensions13.9 x 11.6 x 15.3 inches
Weight14.32 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power1350 watts
Voltage110 Volts

3. EspressoWorks AEW1000 All-in-One

This is another great espresso machine that you can get for your home. Especially if you’re just learning to make different types of coffee, this machine will be of great help to you.

From Italian espresso to creamy latte, Americano, and much more coffee variations-you can make them all with this simple and convenient espresso machine. It has a classic outlook that will look attractive on your kitchen countertop or office. The design is simple but looks elegant.

EspressoWorks AEW1000 7 Pc All-In-One

A 15-bar pump pressure system is also a highlight of this product. This pressure allows you to enjoy the maximum flavor of the coffee with a creamy layer on top. You can taste the richness of the coffee, and it is all due to the contribution of the 15-bar pressure system.

Whether you prefer a single shot or a double shot, this espresso machine will do it for you, thanks to the portafilters that come with it. The portafilters are made of high-quality stainless steel, so you can be assured of their longevity and durability.

This Espressoworks AEW1000 also comes with a removable water tank of 42 oz. that is perfect for observing the water level. It is easy to clean, and you can always refill it as per your requirements.All these features make this espresso machine a good pick for everyday coffee making.


  • Classic and stylish design
  • Ideal pressure pump system of 15-bar
  • Single and double shot options available
  • Bears a removable water tank
  • Good quality portafilters included


  • The grinder is of average quality
  • Cup clearance is low

Specification Table

Model NumberAEW1000
Capacity1.25 Liters
Dimensions9 x 9.75 x 11.5 inches
Weight9.7 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power1350 watts
Warranty1 Year Warranty

4. De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker

Another option from the renowned brand DeLonghi, this espresso maker is one of a kind. Like all the espresso makers made by this brand, this one also bears amazing features and will last you a long time.

This one features a slim design that not only looks good in closed spaces but will be effective for anyone looking for a smart espresso maker for their small home. It is compact in size and lightweight, so you won’t have any difficulty carrying it.

De'Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker

The machine comes with a removable water reservoir of 44 oz.  that can be cleaned and refilled with minimum effort, so you don’t need to worry about frequent maintenance. This one also utilizes 15-bar pump espresso pressure to deliver the rich taste of the coffee.

It also comes with a manual milk frother, so you know that the control is in your hands. You can use it and give your touch to the type of creamy layer you want on top. From lattes and Americano to a simple espresso, this espresso maker can achieve it all.

You also get a steel drip tray that is quite strong and fits cups of any size due to its adjustability. It is an excellent feature, especially if you don’t have cups of similar size. So, you can undoubtedly go for this one by DeLonghi.


  • Easy to maintain water reservoir
  • Excellent brewing features
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight design
  • Can make espresso, latte, Americano, cappuccino, etc.
  • Works with 15-bar pump pressure for espresso


  • Beginners might find the manual frother difficult to work with

Specification Table

Model NumberEC702
Capacity2.8 Pounds
Dimensions11.02 x 9.06 x 11.61 inches
Weight11.44 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power1100 watts
Warranty6 Months Warranty

5. Mr. Coffee One-Touch BVMC-EM6701SS

If you’re a homeowner looking for the best quality espresso machines, Mr. Coffee is a brand that you cannot miss out on. This brand makes some great semi-automatic and automatic espresso makers and makes sure that you get the best coffee experience.

It comes with a 19-bar Italian pump pressure which is amazing since most espresso machines use the ideal pressure of 15-bar. This pump pressure definitely brings out more richness in your coffee and makes your espresso cups smooth and creamy as no other machine can.

Also equipped with a thermocouple heating system, this machine makes sure that your espresso has an even distribution of heat. The heating system works with an excellent pressure pump and extracts the authentic coffee taste of the beans.

Mr. Coffee One-Touch BVMC-EM6701SS

With a digital interface of easily programmed settings, you can’t be disappointed with this product. From single shot to double shot, you can choose anything with this espresso machine. It also bears an automatic milk frother that is perfect if you’re just starting out with coffee making.

You don’t have to do every step that a manual frother requires, and you will still get the best creamy coffee. Additional features include a steel drip tray that is designed to adjust according to the cup size, so no matter what size your cup is, this tray will take care of that for you.

You also get a 50 oz. water reservoir that can be removed and cleaned easily without much effort. So, this espresso machine is a smart and convenient option for you.


  • 19-bar pressure pump system included for espresso
  • Bears automatic milk frother
  • Drip tray supports mugs of any size
  • Convenient digital interface
  • Excellent thermocouple heating system


  • Plastic tamper included
  • Portafilter of average quality

Specification Table

Model NumberBVMC-EM6701SS
ManufacturerMr. Coffee
Voltage110 Volts
Dimensions13 x 10.6 x 14.3 inches
Weight14.2 pounds
Power1250 watts
Warranty1 Year Warranty

6. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma

Last but not least, we have this amazing café Roma espresso machine from Breville. Breville is one of the best brands for espresso machines out there, and this one is no exception. This semi-automatic espresso machine by Breville is one of the best options for a good quality espresso maker for your home.

This one features a 15-bar pump for delivering rich and creamy coffee like any other café. You can smell the aroma of the coffee beans through the coffee, and the pressure is what makes this happen.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma

It also has a water tank of 41 oz. which is a perfect size for everyday coffee making. So, you don’t need to worry about refilling the water every now and then.

With excellent filter baskets, you can expect single and double espresso shots in no time. You also get stainless-steel steam wands that can be used to make the perfect cappuccinos and lattes as per your preference.

The steam wand is adjustable, which makes it another useful feature for your coffee-making experiences.

This machine also comprises additional espresso cups, spoons, and a milk frothing jug that totally helps beginners with their everyday coffee journeys.

It is an ideal-sized machine that you can put in your kitchen, and you can carry it whenever you want. The lightweight and classic design definitely makes this product stand out more.

So, you can undoubtedly choose Breville for your home.


  • Excellent pump pressure for espresso
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Steam wands can be adjusted according to the requirement
  • Refillable water tank present


  • Steam adjustment options limited

Specification Table

Model NumberESP8XL
ColorBrushed Stainless
Capacity1.2 Liters
Dimensions9.25 x 9 x 11.75 inches
Weight13 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage110 Volts
Power1000 watts
Warranty1 Year Warranty

Coffee Machine vs. Espresso Machine

Although they sound the same and are often used to describe a single term, coffee machines and espresso machines differ to a great extent. Both are widely popular among coffee enthusiasts, but they have a lot of differences between them.

Let’s see how coffee machines and espresso machines differ from each other –


Grinding is an important step when it comes to coffee making. Both machines can grind coffee beans well; however, the difference lies in the texture. Coffee makers work with a thicker grind compared to espresso makers.

Espresso makers work with a fine grind, and the result is a smooth and rich espresso. It all comes down to preference of how you want your beans to be ground-like.


Roasting can totally change the taste and look of your coffee. While espresso makers bring out the flavor of the beans by enhancing the richness of the coffee, coffee makers tend to do the opposite. They roast the beans to a lighter texture which conserves the original sour taste of the beans.


Brewing is the main feature that can make a difference in the coffee prepared by an espresso machine and a coffee machine. Since espresso makers grind the coffee beans finely, the brewing takes a short time, and the result is a creamy and smooth cup of espresso.

However, with coffee makers, the thick texture of ground beans takes a long time to be brewed.


Espresso machines and coffee machines also differ in terms of the caffeine they produce. Coffee machines produce a lower amount of caffeine, while the caffeine content is higher with espresso machines.

Which Is better?

Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you’re looking from the perspective of a coffee enthusiast, an espresso machine is a way to go.

Not only will you experience the options to prepare lattes, cappuccinos, and multiple coffee types, but you can also get the best kind of grinding, roasting, and brewing styles in this machine. So, if you had to choose one from a coffee machine and an espresso machine, an espresso machine will be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal pressure for your espresso machine?

The ideal pressure for your espresso machine is approximately 9 bars. It is the perfect pressure to brew your coffee and get the best results. With this pressure, you can get a cup of warm espresso with rich flavor that enhances the authentic taste of the coffee beans and looks straight out of a café.

What is the most reliable espresso machine?

DeLonghi is the most reliable espresso machine for your home. It has different variations, but every one of them does a great job at providing the best service. The high-quality design, built-in features, dual heat system, and brewing options make this a reliable espresso machine for everyone.

Which is better, DeLonghi or Breville?

DeLonghi is a good brand to start your barista experience with. It is simple, convenient, and does the job. However, if you’re a professional and want to experience more features, Breville is a good machine.

Among DeLonghi and Breville, Breville is a better option since it has added features that can boost your coffee-making game.

Is 15 bar enough for espresso?

15 bars is more than enough for espresso. With an ideal pressure of 15 bar, you can achieve the best possible espresso. The pressure is adequate to deliver the coffee beans’ authentic flavor and preserve the creaminess in every sip. This pressure also makes the color of the espresso natural and dark.

Are lever espresso machines better?

Yes, lever espresso machines have additional features that make them stand out more. For example, they are equipped with a built-in frother which makes it easy to make creamy lattes and cappuccinos perfectly well. They also ensure you have good control over your coffee-making skills so you can learn with each step.

Final Words

Here are some final words before wrapping up this article. It can be said that finding the best espresso machine under 300 can be challenging if you don’t have any knowledge regarding its important features and traits.

However, our detailed review of six good-quality espresso machines along with a complete guide on espresso makers will be helpful for you to make a wise choice. If you’re looking for a decent-quality espresso machine for your home, you can check our options which contain all the information on each product.

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