6 Best Manual Espresso Machine 2023

We live in an era where time means money. So, if you do not want to wait for your loved espresso in a coffee shop, then we have the best manual espresso machine for you. But first, let us find out a little about espresso. 

A survey stated that approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. You see, 65% of people need their morning coffee to get rid of the laggy feeling and start tackling the world.

Then there are the 30% that drink coffee between meals. Lastly, the last 5% drink it with other stuff or at another time. 

Of this massive percentage, most of them like espresso. The delicacy is affordable and gets rid of tiredness and stress almost immediately. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Product NameCapacityWeightPrice
Flair Espresso Maker60ml4.9 lbs Check Price
La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola20-ounce14 lbs Check Price
Elektra Microcasa Manual61 ounce25 lbs Check Price
Flair Signature Espresso 60ml6 lbs Check Price
La Pavoni PSC-162.4 Pounds17 lbsCheck Price
Elektra Microcasa A Leva4 Pounds22 lbsCheck Price

Types of Manual Espresso Machines

The funny thing is that whenever we are talking about manual espresso, we are literally implying the fact that you have to do everything manually. That includes brewing, grinding, etc. In convention, there are three main types of manual espresso machines. They are:

1. The Pump-Powered Espresso Machine

The pump-powered espresso machine one is more prominent (though it is an orthodox method).

In this, the preheated water travels to the chamber and into the coffee bed, allowing you to enjoy consistent pressure, and hence, unvarying texture for your espresso. Now, there are three types of manual espresso machines. 

A. Semi-Automatic

These will enable you to control various aspects when you are making espresso. However, the machine will ensure that it is doing the task at constant pressure and temperature level. 

B. Automatic

Semi-automatic and automatic are pretty similar in this case. They both give you control over several dominions when you are making espresso. However, an automatic will ensure that the water is not overflowing as well as the temperature and pressure are optimal. 

C. Super-Automatic

In this one, all the functionalities are totally in the hand of the machine. All you need to do is select specific attributes, and the item should do its magic. 

2. The Lever-Powered Espresso Machine

The lever-powered espresso machine comes in two varieties: Spring driven lever and the regular one. With the spring-ed one, you would have to worry less about the mixture and consistency. When the lever is pulled, the brewing chamber opens up, and the piston pushes the water through the space to create coffee.

Nevertheless, the regular one allows more accuracy and precision to a barista. You see, using this type of machine, some will be able to control several aspects of the espresso like the infusion rate, flow rate, pressure, etc. 

3. The Steam-Powered Machine

Of all the methods that we have recently suggested, this is probably the oldest trick in the book. In this, the water is heated in an airtight chamber. Now, when the water is sufficiently warmed, the pressure will cause it to run through the cylinder and into the coffee. 

If you are a traveler with a coffee lover then a portable espresso machine good option for you. Avoid overshooting your budget. You will be able to save money and get yourself the espresso machine that you want.

How to Pick the Perfect Manual Espresso Machine?

Whether it is for making espresso at home or for a more professional purpose, the necessity of a top-class espresso machine is inevitable. To nail the best of the best espresso machine, you would have to check a few features. Do not worry as we have categorized each one of them for you in this section.

Water Capacity

What is one of the key ingredients to making an espresso? Coffee beans and water! Without both of these, you will not have an espresso or anything. That is why, whenever you are planning to purchase an espresso machine, you should check the water container’s capacity.

Now, the wisest way of getting a machine with a good water capacity is by taking something that can assure you two to three coffee shots before refilling. How can you make sure of that? It is suggested that you opt for a machine that will hold approximately 20 to 38 ounces of water.

The Type of Machine

This might be the trickiest part of getting yourself the dream manual espresso machine. The reason behind that is the fact there are numerous types of espresso machines in the market, and the variety that is best for you will vary from one person to the other. 

However, we can provide you with a general guideline in this case. The pump-powered machine comes in several kinds. Furthermore, this one assures you the least complicated procedure when it comes to making espresso. 

On the other hand, if you do not mind the obstacles and desire more manual control, then a level machine might be suitable for you. The spring-type lever machines might reduce the complications, but it is still quite tricky to operate. 

Lastly, the steam-powered one is the most straightforward to use and requires the least labor amongst all the variants. All you have to do now is pick the one that suits you and your style the most.

The Material

When you are planning to purchase an espresso machine, the material used for its build is arguably an essential factor that you have to take into account. There are two purposes for that: conduction and durability. Allow us to start with the first attribute. 

You see, most espresso machines are made of metal. The reason behind that is the fact that metals are exceptional conductors of heat as well as electricity. In this case, we would suggest that you opt for a machine that is constructed of brass. 

Well, brass is a wonderous conductor. This means that it will ensure that the entire process will be pretty efficient. Next, brass is also a pretty durable and strong material. Hence, if you want the best performance from your espresso machine, then we would suggest that you opt for a machine that is constructed from brass. 


We enjoy an espresso the most when it is hot, right? Also, heat is a crucial attribute that ensures the coffee mixes adequately with the water. So, you would have to consider the temperature control system of the machine before you can buy it.

Weight & Dimensions

You do not want a bulky machine that is tricky to the station and even more problematic to carry. Whenever you are buying an espresso machine, we recommend that you opt for something that is light and compact. By doing that, you will be able to station the item anywhere you want with ease.


Let’s face it, espresso machines are pretty expensive. So, if you don’t want to buy a machine that will put a dent in your wallet, we suggest that you be smart about it. Now, how can you make a smart purchase?

Apparently, it is very easy. The first thing that you have to do is make a suitable budget before you start checking all the attributes. After you are done with that and considering all the attributes, see whether the item you are planning to purchase is within the budget or not. 

List of 6 Best Manual Espresso Machines

Did you say you wanted the top manual espresso machines? Buddy, we have got them for you right here. By the end of this section, you will be introduced to some of the most promising machines in the world. Buckle up as you might find the machine that you desire.

1. Flair Espresso Maker (Classic Manual Lever Espresso Machine)

We are quite confident that you haven’t come across an espresso machine that has such a different and exquisite structure. If you look hard enough, then the machine might even seem like a jar that holds coffee. Anyways, its unorthodox and distinct design doesn’t make it one of the best in the market.

The unit grants full control to the user. It will let you choose the bur grind, the coffee beans roast, temperature, and pressure. Due to these, we can assure you that you will be able to create your version of the perfect espresso shots by yourself and separately from the gadget.

Flair Espresso Maker - Classic Manual Lever Espresso Machine

By the way, the machine does permit you with a sizeable capacity. You should know, it can hold approximately 60ml of water and 18 grams of beans. When you put both of these together, the machine can output roughly 40ml of exceptional espresso.

Two other attributes that make the unit a must-have item is its build and durability. Thanks to the sturdy construction, we are confident that the thing is going to keep serving you for a long time. And the build gives rise to another perk. 

It has a petite build, which permits you to carry the gadget almost anywhere you desire. 

Specification Table

Model Number797822791673
ManufacturerIntact Idea
ColorBlack and Red
Capacity0.04 Liters
Dimensions12 x 6 x 10 inches
Weight4.9 pounds
Voltage110 Volts
Power1455 watts
Special FeatureRemovable Tank

2. La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine

Are you looking for one of the most prominent manual espresso machines in the market? Well, my friend, this is the item that you have been looking for for so long. The EPC-8 is a masterpiece, which will render you one of the best espresso experiences ever. Want to know how?

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine

First of all, this coffee machine has a massive water cylinder of 20 ounces. This authorizes the unit to make round 8-shots of espresso. Hence, now you can make café-like coffee in your home, and your friends and family can enjoy the world-class espresso that you can make using this unit.

Besides, the unit has a very robust build. It has an all-steel construction. Such a build gives the product very heavy-duty durability and makes the entire gadget impervious to rust and scratches. Also, being made from steel gives the machine a very lucrative and attractive mien.

There are tons of other features, for example- a detailed instruction manual to operate the thing without any issue. Furthermore, it features a frothing wand, auto-cappuccino mode, a double spout, two or one coffee baskets, and several other things. 

In short, if you want to amaze your tastebuds except for espresso, then we suggest that you try this gem.

Specification Table

Model Number‎ EPC-8
ManufacturerLa Pavoni
Capacity8 cups
Dimensions11 x 7 x 12 inches
Weight14 Pounds
Warranty1 Year Warranty

3. Elektra Microcasa Manual Lever Espresso Machine

Few manual espresso machines can compete with the elegance and beauty of this marvel. It comes with a gorgeous color scheme of gold and silver. Because of that mesmerizing hue, the machine gives off a royal and magnificent vibe. Also, it has an eagle on top of the cylinder, which enhances the looks even further.

Elektra Microcasa Manual  Lever Espresso Machine

Now, price-wise it might be slightly unconventional. But if you like beauty and sophistication, then you would have to pay extra. Anyways, the machine is more than capable of providing you with top-notch performance without any issue. So, let’s see what this beauty has to offer.

Firstly, we need to talk about the water capacity of the item. In this case, it does arrive with a very sizeable amount. The machine has a water capacity of approximately 1.08 liters, and this is equivalent to 60 ounces of water. Therefore, giving you the option to make espresso for two or three people at once.

Aside from that, the machine is installed with a pressure gauge to make sure that the pressure is kept at a constant. Plus, it features a timer that will show you the time of extraction.

Furthermore, the unit can be stationed almost anywhere you want without facing any issues, and thanks to its looks, it will become the center of the attraction.

Specification Table

Model NumberART-S1
Capacity1.8 Liters
Dimensions22 x 10 x 10 inches
Weight25 pounds
Power800 watts

4. Flair Signature Espresso Maker – An all manual espresso

If you are on the search for an affordable and highly efficient manual espresso machine, then this is the perfect item for you! The Flair signature offers its users ultimate functionality by providing methodical operations without having to go through any unwanted issues.

Flair Signature Espresso Maker - An all manual espresso

Keeping that to the side, the gadget is exceptionally light. It weighs roughly 6.1 pounds, which makes this one of the ideal espresso machines on the market.

Hence, you can take it almost anywhere you want with ease. Pair that up with its compact build and you can effortlessly station the item anywhere you want.

Moving on, this one comes with a barometer. Using that, you can observe and regulate the pressure and get the perfect espresso that you have always wanted.

Moreover, the extraction time of the unit is extremely low, which means you can have your favorite espresso in almost no time.

Specification Table

ManufacturerIntact Idea
Dimensions14.02 x 10 x 4.02 inches
Weight5.84 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage110 Volts
Warranty5 Year Warranty

5. La Pavoni PSC-16 Lever Espresso Coffee Machine

It is not easy at all to get yourself one of the most promising espresso machines. Don’t worry; we might have the perfect product for you, right here. The PSC-16 is one of the most favored espresso machines in the market from the La Pavoni brand. Are you wondering why? For that, you will have read this review.

First and foremost, the unit arrives with an exceptionally well-thought construction. There are two reasons for it to have a steel construction. Firstly, the steel build permits it to transfer heat swiftly and reduces the loss of energy. The second reason would be outstanding longevity and sturdiness.

La Pavoni PSC-16 Lever Espresso Coffee Machine

Also, it comes with a boiler, which is made of brass. Now, this material allows optimum heat transfer and lets the water reach boiling point without any issue.

By the way, the machine also has a very sizeable capacity. This features massive cylinders that will be able to give you approximately 16 cups (2 ounces each) of espresso.

Lastly, the product has a pretty lightweight construction. Because of that, you can carry and station the item anywhere with ease.

Moreover, it has a compact construction, which makes the entire stationing process much more effortless.

Specification Table

Model NumberPSC-16
ManufacturerLa Pavoni
Capacity2.4 Pounds
Dimensions16.25 x 4.5 x 12 inches
Weight15.8 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power1000 watts
Warranty1 Year Warranty

6. Elektra Microcasa A Leva Espresso Machine

Sometimes if you want the best performance from something, you might have to pay a little more than you want. However, with this one, we can assure you that it will be worth every penny. 

Elektra Microcasa A Leva Espresso Machine

The machine has a pressure gauge, which will enable you to see and control the pressure of the machine. You should know that the best espresso is consumed when the coffee is roughly between 5 to 6 bars. Luckily, this machine can provide you with such exceptional pressure without any problem.

Moving on, the gauge comes with an indicator. So, whenever the pressure is green, it is a sign that it’s the optimal condition to make your espresso.

And in case the pressure within the unit reaches dangerous levels, the safety release valves on the top will instantaneously reduce the pressure.

Plus, this model is constructed from brass. The brass build offers exceptional conduction of the heat, therefore, making sure that the water boils up in the least amount of time. Also, the brass build provides the unit with A-grade durability and longevity.

Specification Table

Model NumberART-S1
Capacity4 Pounds
Dimensions10 x 10 x 19 inches
Weight25 pounds
Voltage110 Volts
Warranty1 Year Warranty

Benefits of Manual Espresso Machines

Before, we had stated the perks of using manual espresso machines. Now, if you want a more detailed discussion regarding the topic, then this is the perfect section for you, my friend. It is a pretty serious debate. Therefore, we urge you to read everything carefully.

Control & Precision

Over the years, several baristas have been arguing whether to remain with the old methods or succumb to the new ones. In this situation, we might lean towards the old ones. The old ways enable the user more control, and hence, authorizes them to make some of the best espressos in the world. Let’s get more into the details. 

If you are planning to refine your espresso-making skills, then opting for a manual espresso machine might be suitable. Do you want to know why? With the manual espresso machine, you are granted total control over all the aspects of making an espresso, including the pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.

Thus, having control over the many attributes of the drink gives you the power to precisely tailor them.


In the previous section, we have already stated that a manual espresso machine provides better control over several aspects of an espresso. Now, when you can control all these attributes, you can bring in loads of changes to your espresso.

Therefore, you will be able to control the quality of the espresso that you will be serving. You can train and experiment until you feel that your drink has reached the next level. Ultimately, you’ll be able to deliver the best espresso in a matter of days.

Scope for Creativity

A fully automatic espresso machine doesn’t offer you the control to vary specific elements of your espresso drink. They arrive with some built-in functionality, but you will have to consume espresso that is limited to what the machine has to offer. 

Nevertheless, with manual espresso machines, you are given choices. You can change various attributes of the drink and alter the taste. Therefore, letting you hone your skills to the maximum. You can bring out your very own special type of espresso.


Aside from the control, precision, and innovation factors of an espresso machine, there are a few other things that you might take into consideration. One of them is the fact that these machines are very robust and strong. 

Most automatic espresso machines are constructed of plastic. Since these types of machines have to be made of plastic for insulation, they are unreliable and breakable too. The manual ones are made of metal, which makes them long-lasting.

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Electric Vs. Manual Espresso Machines

Both of these machines are perfect for making espresso. However, if you are wondering which of the two types is the best, then you are in the right spot. Here we will pin both of these giants against each other, and by doing that, you will be able to find the ideal espresso machine for yourself. 


When it comes to operations, the Manual espresso machine takes a hit. These machines are well-known for being quite challenging to tame. Even if you are a top-class barista, it might take you a couple of tries to get accustomed to a new espresso machine. 

The Quality

On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of the espresso, the manual espresso machine seals the deal. The product renders the user with utter control of everything. That includes the pressure, temperature, texture, and the list keep ongoing. 


With the manual espresso machines, there is another drawback. You see, these machines require a much more complex cleaning process every time you are using the thing. On the other hand, with the automatic ones, you will never have to worry about cleaning them on a daily basis.


In the realm of robustness and longevity, manual espressos win by a long shot. Most automatic and super-automatic espresso machines come with a plastic and flimsy exterior. But the manual ones have a hard metal exterior, which not only gives it exceptional conduction but also grants unfathomable longevity. 

Cost & Size

In these factors, the manual espresso machines come short. The manual ones are a tad more expensive as well as are on the heavier side of the spectrum. So, if you are trying to save space and money, then the other one might be a more viable option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are manual espresso machines better?

It really depends on the situation. If you are looking for control, accuracy, and quality in your espresso, then opting for the espresso machine might be wise for you. Also, these machines offer superior longevity and give you the opportunity to use this for a longer period of time. 

Are espresso machines hard to use?

Yes, they are pretty hard to use. When you are using an espresso, you are provided with control over a wide variety of things, including flow rate, infusion rate, pressure, temperature, and several other things. Getting accustomed to all these vast functionalities and features will be a tad tricky. 

Are lever espresso machines better?

In some cases, the lever espresso does provide the user with noticeable benefit. Not only does it provide you with superior control over temperature, pressure, and various other things, but it also offers you better roasts, grinds, and tons of other essential stuff. 

What is the best pressure for an espresso machine?

There are two answers to this. One group suggests that the 9-bar is the optimum pressure for espresso machines and is widely used by most people and coffee shops. However, others tend to opt for the 15-bars, which offers a better brew. 

Final Words

Espresso machines are quite a serious deal. So, if you are planning to get yourself the best manual espresso machine, then our article is perfect for you. Here you will get to learn everything starting from all the top picks to a detailed buying guide and loads of other assistive info. 

All you have to do is finish our article, and you should be ready to get yourself the most fitting espresso machine in the market. 

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