Breville Barista Pro Review [Model- BES878BSS]

Breville is known around the world for the premium and high-quality coffee machines it makes. This machine from the Barista series is a consumer-favorite and highly rated one that delivers fresh and exhilarating coffee every time.

The coffee machine is in the higher price spectrum and surely can be considered an investment that will serve you for a long time. Before making any big purchase, it is important to know anything and everything you can about the item you will spend your hard-earned money on.

That is why we are here with this Breville Barista Pro review to inform you all about this machine. After learning about this highly-coveted coffee machine, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Overview of Breville Barista Pro BES878BSS

Breville Barista Pro

This Breville coffee machine is semi-automatic type and extremely adored by coffee enthusiasts. Although many people prefer to use it the semi-automatic way, if you are an expert at using this machine, then you can customize each feature however you like it.

Enjoy third-wave specialty coffee at home that this machine can brew up for you at home in just minutes. This multitasker coffee machine is a proud member of the Barista series. If you love your coffee and want a machine that can make the perfect cup, you surely will love and cherish this machine.

The Breville coffee machine has futuristic features and abilities that are sure to make you an avid user in a very short time.

Key Features

Below, we have discussed some key features that will make your coffee-making experience satisfactory in detail.

Maximum Flavor

With just one touch, you can control the dosage and make sure that your coffee is just like you want it. Barista Pro has been equipped with every feature imaginable that can help make coffee achieve its maximum taste and flavor.

The optimal water pressure system gradually builds pressure to make sure the maximum flavor is extracted for a cup of coffee that tastes just perfect.

Quick Heating and Brewing

Loved for its quick coffee-making abilities, the Barista Pro can go from Espresso to Steam quickly. It only takes 3 seconds to reach the perfect heat that can brew aromatic coffee.

Powered by the digital temperature control system, it can make sure that the water that will be used to make the coffee is delivered just at the right temperature. Quick heating and brewing do not mean the taste of coffee is sacrificed. The coffee that you will taste will be at its best– flavorful and fresh.

As this machine can be used just minutes after it is turned on, you can use it to grab coffee each morning before going to work. It wastes no time and never makes you wait.

Powerful Steam Wand

Do you like milk with your coffee? Prepare to immerse yourself in foamy, milky coffee that can surely beat any professionally made coffee at a coffee shop. Equipped with a state-of-the-art milk wand, this coffee machine is an expert at creating textured micro-foam milk that coffee enthusiasts love.

Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine with Steam Wand

If you like practicing latte art, this milk wand will become your friend in no time. At the next house party, you can surely impress your guests with some latte art of your own.

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your coffee as it is being made with the help of the latest LCD monitor. All grinding and extracting information are displayed so that you can choose the features you like and make the coffee the way you like.

Large Water Tank

The 67 oz. water tank is big enough to make coffee for several people or for you to practice and improve your coffee brewing skills.The Breville Pro Barista machine also comes with a water filter to make sure that your water gets filtered so that the taste of the coffee may not get damaged.

Necessary Accessories

This Breville Barista Pro coffee maker comes with all the accessories you may need to make the perfect coffee and take proper care of your coffee machine. It has single and dual-wall filter baskets so that you may make 1 or 2 cups depending on what you need. It makes sure that 19 to 22 grams of grounded coffee is used while making every time. The dose trimming tool that it comes with makes sure you put in the right dose and not too much or too little.

Cleaning and Maintaining Kit

Keeping your coffee machine is also necessary so that it may continue to deliver you perfect tasting and freshly brewed coffee. That is why this machine comes with a cleaning kit so that you may clean it and keep it in perfect condition.

Comes with a Manual

Suppose you are a first-time Breville buyer and get confused with the troubleshooting steps, no need to worry at all. Simply follow the very helpful manual step by step, and you will be good to go. A pro at making single and double shot espressos, the Breville Barista Pro is very friendly and easy to use for newer users.

Wide Range of Colors Available

Depending on where you are purchasing from, this Breville Pro Barista machine is available in a wide array of color options. No matter what the interior décor of your house is like, you will surely find something that will suit your needs and make your home look beautiful.

The outer part is made of brushed stainless steel that delivers a consistently timeless look to space it is being stored in.


  • Semi-automatic in nature
  • Dose can be controlled with just one touch
  • Can brew third-wave specialty coffee unlike most of its competitors
  • Heats water up very quickly – in just 3 seconds
  • Water filter makes sure that the taste of coffee is not damaged
  • Quick heating and brewing capabilities make it a good coffee machine for busy mornings
  • Water tank is quite large with 67 oz. capacity
  • Coffee brewing progress is displayed on an LCD monitor
  • Those who love to do latte art can make good use of it


  • New users may take a long time to get used to it
  • Troubleshooting this machine is a little difficult
  • Finding a spare part is not always easy


Model NumberBES878BSS1BUS1
ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
Capacity2 Liters
Dimensions13 x 12 x 13 inches
Weight20 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power120 Volts
Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this machine have a boiler? If not, then should I get one?

This machine does not have a boiler, and it does not need one. It has the ability to heat up the water in roughly 3 seconds which eliminates the need for any further boiler accessories.

Where was this coffee machine made?

This coffee machine was made in China.

I am interested in practicing and doing latte art. Will this machine be worth it?

One of the things the Breville Barista Pro is good at is doing latte art. This machine will be totally worth it for practicing and creating beautiful latte art.

I am using this machine, and my coffee is extremely sour shots that taste odd. What can I do?

In this case, changing your bean and using a different kind than the one you are currently using is the best thing you can do. Espresso beans are a good place to start for this machine.

Do I need to clean my coffee machine?

Yes, you need to clean your coffee machine; otherwise, it will become clogged, slow, and less functional.


After giving you the Breville Barista Pro Review, it is time to talk about a verdict. Overall, we love this coffee machine because of its futuristic features and what it can do for its user.

If you are a coffee enthusiast and love practicing latte art in your spare time, then there is no coffee machine more perfect for you than this. Even if you are not a coffee enthusiast and just want tasty and fresh coffee that is delivered quickly and faultlessly, you will love this machine.

However, it is on the pricier side, so make sure to do plenty of research before you purchase and start using this.

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