Breville Barista Touch Review [Model- BES880BSS]

Want to make some coffee shop-level coffee at home? Well, most people would say that you need to be a trained barista to make that happen. And well, they were right at one point. But what if we told you that now you can make that kind of coffee right in your kitchen? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be telling you here.

With the help of the new Breville Barista Touch, anyone can be a barista at home with the least amount of effort. And it’s automated. To tell you more, we have put together this Breville Barista Touch review that is sure to turn some heads. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started, shall we?

Breville Barista Touch

Types of Espresso Makers

Before we move on to the full-fledged review, we’d like to tell you about the different kinds of espresso machines that you’ll find out in the market and how they work. This will help you understand the kind of espresso maker that you’re looking for and eventually help in making a good decision. So, here goes:

Steam Driven Machines

Espressos need to be made at a certain pressure to make the perfect brew since each shot has high caffeine density. And well, it needs to be able to provide people with the drive that they are looking for.

Now, steam-driven machines create pressure in the brew with steam to prepare the espresso shot at an ideal 9 bars of pressure.

Lever Driven Machine

Next up, we have the lever-driven machine. Now, this one requires physical force to prepare the coffee. It usually has a spring-loaded lever that works the inner piston to extract the espresso shot from the water. That gives you a proper espresso shot that can shoot your sleep exactly where you want it to be.

With the lever, the barista has full control over how they want to make the espresso. So, the creative range on these machines is endless.

Pump Driven Machine

These are the machines that currently dominate the market and have done so since the start of the 1960s. They use pump-measured pressure mechanisms to extract the coffee and give you the perfect espresso. Now they come in three types – semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.


This is the usual kind of machine that you’ll find in coffee shops. They only make sure that the water pressure is regulated and that it drives through perfectly. But, the rest of the work of the grinding and the time taken for extraction are under the barista’s control. So, you can make variations with this.


These are almost the same semi-automatic machines, but they also happen to turn off the water flow at the right time on their own. So, they serve coffee shots at a specified volume. So, no more worrying about overflow. Just fill the stuff in, and the machine will fill the cups.


Lastly, we have super-automatic machines that are for those who don’t hold the expertise to grind and extract coffee. These machines do everything on their own. This includes grinding and the rest of the work of the barista.

All you have to do in this case is choose the right setting and fill in the coffee beans. The machine will do the rest for you.

The Breville Barista Touch is a super-automatic espresso machine, so for the rest of the review, we’ll stick to that. And yes it will cost you less than 1000.

Breville As a Brand 100

Now, before we move on to the review, we’d like to discuss Breville as a brand of the espresso machine manufacturer. Knowing the brand will help you have more faith in its product. So, we think this is necessary.

Breville is a world-renowned brand for kitchen appliances and has been around for as long as 89 years. Founded in 1932, they started their journey in Sydney and are currently an iconic global brand. Their coffee machines are top-notch and have never disappointed their users.

But most importantly, their after-sales services are amazing. They even give out free specialty beans to their espresso machine customers for goodwill, and that shows us a lot. Now that is what we call impressive.

And their Barista Touch espresso machine is no less than what they already sell. So, now that you know about the brand and how it operates with customers let’s get down to the review. So, jump onto the next section.

Overview of Barista Touch

The Barista Touch is a super-automatic espresso machine. And to add to that, it also has all the features that you’ll need, packed together in one unit.

So, for starters, it can do everything on its own- thanks to its super-automatic nature and even save settings into its memory so that you can enjoy the same level of coffee later on.

Moreover, the machine also has a superior level of ‘digital temperature control,’ which helps the Barista Touch nail the coffee flavors through its amazing system. So, you don’t need to be a barista to have some high-quality coffee if you have the Barista Touch; it’ll do all the work for you and much more.

Along with all that, it also has a touch screen that makes your work easier. You can just use the screen to select from the preset settings or make up a preset of your own.

Now that you know a bit about the features- let’s get into the depth of things and see how they individually benefit you and add more value to this amazing espresso machine.

Key Features

Since we have discussed all that you need to know to understand this review, we would now like to move into discussing the key features.


First, let’s talk about the quality of the coffee that you’ll get out of this unit. Well, according to customers already using it, the quality is top-notch, as promised. And thanks to their well-thought presets monitored by coffee experts; you can get some really good quality coffee out of this espresso maker.

So, we can say that the Breville Barista Touch doesn’t compromise at all when it comes to the quality that it has to offer.

Now, let’s check out the next feature.

Personalized Settings

As we mentioned before, this super-automatic espresso machine actually does save your preferred settings for you.

So, once you have made the coffee and actually like it that way, you can save that setting and turn it into a preset so that you can enjoy the same kind of espresso shots every single time you press the button on this espresso machine.

Personalized Settings For Brevill Barista Touch

Moreover, you have full control over the whole process, thanks to its extensive settings panel. Starting from dose control to the milk foam all the way to the temperature of the milk, you can program it all. So, we think that this level of personalization adds great value to this already amazing espresso machine.

To make things clearer to you, you can save up to 8 different settings on this machine. Now that’s convenient, isn’t it?

Ideal Water Pressure

Now, to make some good espresso, you need to get the pressure just right, i.e., the ideal pressure for a shot of espresso is 9 bar. Now, to get that amount of pressure, you need to make sure that the machine is getting the pressure right. And that is exactly what the Barista Touch does.

Thanks to its top-of-the-line automated system, it can get the conditions just right and give you the water pressure that you’ll need to make some coffee that’ll make your day start with a bang.

Fast Heat-up Time

We all know how annoying it is to wait for your water to heat up before you can actually use it to make some espresso. Well, with the Breville Barista Touch, that isn’t even a problem anymore. And it’s all thanks to Breville’s very own proprietary technology.

Their Thermo-Jet heating system actually does heat up the water in just 3 seconds. So, you can get your espresso shots in an instant. That is all the more reason to get this espresso machine.

Milk Texturing

Now, let’s come down to a very important bit. For some of us, the milk foam texture needs to be just right for us to be able to enjoy it. Well, with the Barista Touch, you can nail that texture every single time. How you ask?

Well, the answers are pretty simple. Thanks to the digital controls on this machine, you can control every aspect of coffee making if you don’t want to go by the presets. That includes the texturing of milk, its temperature, and foaming as well.

So, once you like the way your espresso came out, you can just save that espresso drink and enjoy the exact same espresso as much as you want to.

A Touch Screen

Last but definitely not least is the touch screen that comes with the Breville Barista Touch. This one is user-friendly and made in such a way that anyone can use it to make some espresso that matches that of the trained barista at a café.

So, you can use it effortlessly to cycle between settings and get the espresso drink that you want.

  • Responsive touch screen for easy navigation.
  • 8 different preset options so you can save your favorite settings.
  • Amazing after-sales service so that you can rest assured.
  • All automated options so that anyone can brew a perfect espresso shot.
  • On the more expensive side, compared to models with similar features.
  • Doesn’t have a preheating option for cups. So, you’ll have to do it yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Breville Barista Touch have a lever for control?

No, the Breville Barista Touch is a pump-driven espresso machine. So, it uses pumps to handle the extraction.

  • Is the Breville Barista Touch Automatic?

The Barista Touch is rather super-automatic. It will do all the work for you. So, all you have to do here is add the coffee beans and the water.

  • Does the Breville Barista Touch have a cup preheating option?

Unfortunately, there is no cup preheating options in the Breville Barista Touch. You’ll have to do it yourself if you want this one.


And that was all we had to say in our Breville Barista Touch review. Now, we hope that all this information did you some good. And we also hope that you’ll use this to make a better decision about buying an espresso maker for your kitchen. We’d also love to see some of the work that you make with this coffee maker.

Other than that, we appreciate whatever we can get from our readers. So, if you feel like we missed something or there’s some other topic that you want us to write on, feel free to contact us. We welcome reader feedback and are more than delighted to listen to you and provide accordingly.

So, until then, stay safe and happy brewing!

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