How to Descale Espresso Machine?

When you buy anything, you should make sure you use that product properly. If you do not use the product properly, then the tool will not provide the proper satisfaction that the product is supposed to provide. The case is very similar, especially in the case of electronics.

If the maintenance is right then, it will serve you for a long period of time. An espresso machine is such a home appliance that needs constant maintenance. You should clean it properly for it to serve you properly.

Descale Espresso Machine

So if you are wondering how to descale espresso machine, then don’t worry. We have explained in detail how you can descale your espresso machine in this article.

What Exactly Is Descaling?

So let us begin with knowing what descaling is.  If you use pans, mugs, or a jar made of steel or metal, you will notice that after a while of usage, there is a hard white substance developing inside the jar, mug, or pan.

This white scale develops because the water has different elements in it. The elements include magnesium, calcium, and so on.

These elements in the water react with other minerals when it is heated. Due to this reaction, the white scale or limescale forms in the metal. In the case of espresso machines, you need water to make coffee.

Without water, you can’t make coffee, so your espresso machine needs to be in contact with water to give you the perfect coffee that you desire.

Most espresso machines are made up of steel or metal. At least the part which holds the water is made of steel. So the water supply makes the espresso machine prone to forming white scales. Therefore it is very commonly seen that timescales are forming in the espresso machine.

That is why the espresso machine needs to be maintained and monitored, as there might be lime scales forming in the water tank of the espresso machine. The case is very different if you are using pure water.

By pure water, we mean purified water which has no other elements exact for the elements in water (H2O). But logically, you will not be using pure water to make coffee as it is hard to find and mostly used in the laboratory.

Why Is Descaling Important?

You see, limescale and calcium are not harmful to your body. Your body needs calcium for your bones to be strong. Most doctors recommend calcium pills if you have bone density deficiency. So you might ask why it is important to descale your espresso machine?

Well, the descaling is for the health of your espresso machine rather than your health. This means the descaling makes your espresso machine perform at an optimum level and helps it last for a very long period or makes it durable.

An espresso machine is a big investment.  If you buy an espresso machine, then you are investing a lot of money in the machine, and you want the tool to last long.

If the machine breaks down due to ignorance and lack of maintenance, then it will be very unfortunate for you. You need to buy the machine again, investing a lot of money.

How Do the Scales Harm Your Espresso Machine?

The limescale that develops in the espresso machine mostly affects the heating of the espresso machine. Limescale is like an extra layer in the heating tank. Due to this extra layer, the water is not heated properly.

In an espresso, machine heat needs to be transferred from the heater to water. The extra layer causes the heat to be transferred from the heater to the layer and then to the water.

This makes water heating difficult for the machine, and as you know, the water needs to be at a certain temperature for the coffee to be brewed properly. In the end, the taste of the coffee is compromised. It does not stop there.

Since heating is difficult for the machine,it uses more power to heat the water. As a result, the machine takes up more electricity. When the machine is using more power to function, it means that it is using overusing its parts. This harm will reduce the durability of the espresso machine.

If the espresso machine is not descaled, then eventually it will block the water supply making it completely dysfunctional.

When you buy a product, you plan to use it for a long time. If the machine is not maintained properly, then the money you invested in it will go to waste. You will not be able to enjoy its service on a full scale.

Descale Espresso Machine

Most of the items we buy, especially electronic items, come with a manual on how to use them. Similarly, most espresso machines also come with a manual. The manual is like a guidebook on the machine. It helps us to understand every aspect of the machine.

Starting from the set process to how to use it properly. Each and everything is mentioned in the manual.

When you buy an espresso machine, the manual will come with the machine in the packaging. Most of us ignore the papers since we are more excited about setting up the machine and using it.

However, this is very ignorant of us since the manual is the most important part of the machine. Without it, you can not function the espresso machine properly.

Even if you have experience using and setting up espresso machines still it is very important. This is because different espresso machines may have different ways to function.

Depending on the model and type of espresso machine varies, and so does the maintenance technique of the machine. Some may recommend one way; others may need another way.

In some cases, if you use one espresso machine’s tips on another one, it can ruin the espresso machine completely. So depending on this, your descaler will vary.

There are descalers in the market that will do wonders for your espresso machine. But before you go for a descaler, do check the manual. In most espresso machines, manual type and specific descalers are recommended.

Using that descaler will mean you are giving the machine exactly what it needs. So your espresso machine will be well maintained and, therefore, will be more durable.

The company will know more about the espresso machine, so if they are recommending some specific descaler, it will be wise to use it. However, if a descaler is not mentioned, then you can use something that we have come up with.

DIY Descaler

You can easily make your descaler. If there is no descaler mentioned in the manual or you simply do not want to use it, then you can use this technic.  Do not worry; this process is completely safe for your espresso machine and will not harm it in any way.

So Logically speaking, the tank of the espresso machine is made of steel or metal. There are white scales formed in it. Let us first revisit how white is formed. White scales are formed because the water has minerals and other elements which can react with metal.

Due to this reaction, white scales are formed. So it is composed of different elements when it reacts with metal.

So to get rid of white scales, we need to decompose the white scale. The most common decomposed is citric acid. If you want to decompose something from metal, citric acid is the best solution. Just add 2 tablespoons of citric acid and 4 cups of water to the tank. Leave it for a day. Then waste the tank at least twice.

Your tank will be completely descaled just like that. You can also use white vinegar or lemons in place of citric acid since they both have citric acid. However, they both have a smell that is hard to get rid of. You can use it if you want but be aware that you have to put some extra effort or time to get rid of the smell.

Final Words

Now that you know how to descale an espresso machine, you can take better care of your coffee-making device. This is an important thing that all coffee lovers need to know about. Taking better care of your espresso machine will surely help it last a lot longer.

So make sure you take proper care of your espresso machine and clean it exactly as it should be cleaned for the best outcome.

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