How to Make a Cappuccino with an Espresso Machine?

What’s the first thing you do when you’re using a phone, and it runs out of battery? Get it recharged, right? The cappuccino kind of does the same to your body when you need an instant recharge there.

Getting a cup of that is nothing but a piece of cake when you’re out on the road. But what would you do if you need a cup of perfect cappuccino in this pandemic? Well, this is where you start regretting, not knowing how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine.

But don’t you think life is too short for regrets? If you agree with that, then we bet it’s going to be your last day with zero clues about using an espresso machine to make an awesome cup of cappuccino. We’re going to tell you each and every single thing that you need to know to turn yourself into a cappuccino expert.

Let’s get started then?

Cappuccino Coffee

List of Things Required to Make Cappuccino 

No matter what you’re planning to make, you’re going to fail every time if you’re missing the elements required to complete the process. Wait a minute! Doesn’t it sound like nothing but the hardest job in the world? But trust us, you can call making cappuccino anything but not a hard job.

But you can’t ignore that too for having a delicious cup of cappuccino, you’re going to need the right elements. So, let’s not make you wait any longer and jump to the list of things you’ll have to get in the first place to make your cappuccino dream come true.

Espresso Machine

In case you’re not familiar with an espresso machine, then let us tell you it’s a machine that you’re going to need to produce espresso. As the espresso is the base of your cappuccino, there’s no way to take a step ahead without this machine. By the way, you’re going to need the machine for steaming and frothing milk as well.


You already know what espresso is. One of the best things about espresso is though it leaves no chance to doubt its rich flavor, the caffeine content is significantly low if you go for comparison with drip coffee.

Steamed Milk

If you’re looking for the best option for streaming, then you better go with milk with 2% fat. But don’t forget to use it cold. You’re going to need the same one to get milk foam for your cappuccino.

Foamed Milk

This is where you’re going to need the help of your espresso machine. With the help of the steam wand in your machine, you’ll be able to incorporate the air into your steamed milk for forming the milk foam along with increasing the milk’s temperature.

Milk Jug 

The next thing you need to add is a milk jug. Make sure it comes with a spout and handle.


If you’re asking for the ideal temperature for frothing and steaming, then it has to be 150°F to 155°F. When you really want to hold the bubbles, don’t even think about going for a higher temperature than this.

The experts don’t need a thermometer as they know when it’s at the right point. A simple touch on the mug says it all for them. But as you’re new in the game, you better keep a thermometer closer.

If you still want to be sure just by touching it, then check if you can touch it for 5 seconds in a row or not. You are not able to touch it for that long, it is proof that it’s still too hot for your coffee.

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Ways to Make a Cappuccino with an Espresso Machine

Now comes the part that you were waiting for – the process. We’ve already told you about things you’re going to need to reach your destination – the cappuccino. Before we get started with the steps, make sure that you’ve got all of them right in front of you.

Then comes the next phase, or you can call it the action phase too. All you need to do here is follow some simple steps, and you’ll be ready to have a sip on your cappuccino in no time. The steps are mentioned below. 

Let’s Start!

First off, fill the water reservoir of the machine with water. Make sure the water is clean though. Plugging the machine into the closest water source is the next thing you need to go for.

Once you’re done with it, you’ll have to turn on the machine and preheat it. The preheating session should last from 15 to 45 minutes.

You have to lock the portafilter while making sure it’s empty. Now, it’s time for you to preheat the other parts of the machine and wipe the portafilter so that the sides of the group head start to dry.

Grind The Coffee Beans

Ground coffee beans are important. If they’re not ground, make sure to grind them until they become powdery and fine. It’s time for you to put 18 to 21 grams of ground coffee inside the portafilter.

Add Milk

Take the milk jug and put the required amount of milk in there. After purging the steam wand of your machine, put it into the milk mug.

Make Froth

Now switch on the machine’s steam wand to create froth. Give it a couple of seconds and make sure it’s reaching 105°F. You’ll see an increase in the milk once the froth is created. But don’t forget to keep the wand close to the milk’s surface all this time. If you want more froth, keep it that way for a longer time.

Warm The Coffee

After reaching 105°F, take the mug a bit higher so that the nozzle can reach a bit deeper in the milk. But don’t let the bottom touch your nozzle. Now put it in a position where you can create a whirlpool within. Don’t stop warming it until it touches the temperature of 131°F to 155°F.

Time To Drink

Now gently swirl it until it’s becoming smooth, shiny, and silky. Then pour the cappuccino and let yourself enjoy the drink.

Extra Tips

Getting some extra tips won’t hurt you, we guess. So, if you want things to happen neat and cleanly, then you better follow the tips below –

  • Don’t use anything but cold and fresh milk when steaming. By the word ‘fresh’, we meant milk that hasn’t crossed five days of purchase. They’re what usually can make the best froth.
  • Reusing milk is a bad idea as it increases the chance of bacteria growing there.
  • Keep the unused milk in the refrigerator, always.
  • The steam wand has to be purged and wiped every time before you use it. Do the same after using it too.
  • Overheating the milk will make the froth disappear. Plus, it might take the taste of your coffee down too.

Final Words

So you’re really thinking to take it seriously making your cappuccino all by yourself? Well, that’s great! And as now you know everything about makig a cappuccino with an espresso machine, we bet you can’t wait to give it a try. So, let’s get started.

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