How to Make Cuban Coffee with an Espresso Machine?

If Cuban coffee is the top of your favorite drink, then we must say you’ve got a tongue with great taste. But it starts to get irritating when you have to rush to your closest coffee shop every time you need to have a sip of it.

Wait a minute! Why don’t you just learn how to make Cuban coffee with an espresso machine all by yourself? Don’t know how to pull that off? Okay, let us help you out with that then.

We’re going to get you everything you need to know, from ingredients to steps that’ll let you end up with a fine cup of Cuban coffee in your hand. All you have to do is look below.

 Cuban Coffee

Things You’ll Need for Cuban Coffee

Come on! Who are we kidding? You already know that without the right ingredients, all you’re going to get is a hot-sweet beverage that in no way can be called Cuban coffee. So, as the first step to the whole process, you better get started with collecting the ingredients.

But don’t think they’re anything that you’ll have to put on the list of ‘Rare’. You’ll be able to get all of them like any other item you use on a regular basis. Check out the following things we’re telling you below, and you better grab each one of them.


There’re no rules here that it has to be the best one. But why take a risk? Just bringing in the finest espresso you know to make it useful. Don’t worry if you’ve already got some regular espresso in your house; you’re free to use that too.

Espresso Machine

We guess you’ve already got this one covered. Otherwise, we don’t think you would’ve come here for the recipe. Just make sure that you’re machine is fully functional as we don’t want you to get stuck with a half-done coffee.


Well, the machine itself is going to get that for you. All you need to do is pour it in. But the one thing we’d like to tell you is put more than enough water for two cups of coffee. Because if later you’ll have to warm up your coffee or make more foam, you’re going to need some extra water in there to do that.

Sugar& Spoon

The plain white sugar will be perfect. Some prefer to have the powdered and some raw. But for this time, we think you better go for the plain one. And of course, take a teaspoon too.

Two Cups

Unlike regular coffee, you’re going to need two cups here. The first one will hold the sugar. You’ll have to use the same one to grab the first 10 to 15 ml of the espresso brew.

The next one has to be there to hold the remaining espresso shot. By the way, don’t forget to heat up the cups to an extreme level, as you’ll have to use them to create a foamy sugar mixture.

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How to Make Cuban Coffee With an Espresso Machine?

The prime principle to reach the level of excellence in a recipe is following the right steps. So, when you’re planning to make a perfect cup of Cuban coffee, the same goes for that one too. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back here. Just follow the steps we’re mentioning below, and you’ll get your coffee in no time.

Step 1: As the first step, bring all the ingredients together right there on your countertop. Don’t forget to heat up the cups you want to use for the coffee.

Step 2: Now, put two tablespoons of sugar in one of the cups. You can use one too if you like. Remember, you’ll have to use the same cup for holding the first 10 to 15 ml of your espresso.

Step 3: Then add coffee grounds to the cup of the portafilter. You know your quantity. So, just go with it. After that, put the portafilter back to the machine.

Step 4: Get ready to brew. But before that, don’t forget to line the cups up. Keep the one with sugar ahead as that’s what is going to catch the first 10 to 15 ml. Now brew.

Step 5: After getting the 15 ml at first, swiftly swap it with the second one. Take the remaining coffee in that one. While doing that, take the spoon and stir the sugar in the other cup properly. By the way, here, the word properly indicates vigorously.

Step 6: Don’t stop stirring until you start to see the mixture getting lightened and thicken. Usually, the Cubans call it the “espumita”.

Step 7: Now take the espumita and put it slowly in the other cup where you’ve kept most of the coffee. Then give the final touch with vigorous stirring as you need to see a foamy thing all over the coffee that will make the drink sweeter. As the drink gets ready, you’re free to enjoy it.

Extra Tips

You’re not an expert in this yet. So you actually might love having some extra tips. Well, here are a few from our end.

  • Try to get a bit bigger cups as that makes the stirring easier
  • The more you heat the cups the easier it’ll get for you to have that foamy vibe
  • Try to use medium or dark-roast coffee beans to get a better result

Final Words

Cuban coffee is more of a drink for people who love to go to a deeper side of “coffee love.” But there’s no way to deny that being able to make something like this kind of feels like an accomplishment oneself.

We know you want something like that for yourself too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have stopped here to know how to make Cuban coffee with an espresso machine, would you? As now you know it all, what are you waiting for? Just grab the things you need and get started. A new coffee adventure is waiting for you.

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