How to Make French Vanilla Cappuccino with Espresso Machine?

Tell us something that makes you want to close your eyes and take the ‘umm’ out of your mouth. A cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino! That makes us even, you see.

French Vanilla Cappuccino is something you can’t just ignore. However, this one is really expensive these days, and you can’t just make it on the go.

But guess what? If you can prepare it in your home, the price gets half since you don’t have to pay the extras to a café.

That’s why we’re going to tell you how to make French vanilla cappuccino with an espresso machine, and that too in an affordable way….pretty fast.

French Vanilla Cappuccino

Making French Vanilla Cappuccino with Espresso Machine

You’re one step away to know how you can make this awesome beverage. Read everything we’ve covered and get yourself the awesome shot.

Essential Ingredients

  • 18 to 23 grams of espresso grounds
  • 10 ounces of milk
  • 1-2 ounces of French vanilla syrup
  • 1/2 tablespoon of brown sugar (optional)

Tips for Getting the Best Milk

Let’s face it; the lion’s share of the cup will be filled with milk instead of coffee! So, it’s a must to be careful about choosing the type of milk. What do we really need?

Well, we should pick fresh milk loaded with essential fats; it’s quite delicious and helpful to ensure a foamy, creamy, and tasteful French vanilla cappuccino.

What about Pouring French Vanilla?

It’s absolutely fine to pour 1-2 ounces of French vanilla syrup on 10 ounces of milk. The amount is more than enough, as most of the vanilla syrups in the current market equip lots of sugar, especially the French vanilla syrup, which contains approximately 19 grams of sugar per serving.

Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing French Vanilla Cappuccino with Espresso Machine

Preparing a cup of French vanilla cappuccino is not rocket science; however, you need to apply some specific rules and techniques to make the whole task easy and effective. So, let’s begin right now –

Prepare the Milk

While making standard cappuccinos, almost every coffeehouse uses 2% milk. Though every kind of milk is ideal for French vanilla cappuccino, we suggest getting the fat milk since it will offer some thick layers during steaming.

It will be a piece of cake to create some nice froth or foam if you get your hands on the thick, fatty milk. In case you use skim milk, chances are you will have to end up with a skinny cappuccino!

Pick a stainless steel pitcher and pour around 180 ml of milk into it. Along with a steaming machine, it’s necessary to collect a food thermometer to read the temperature of the milk thoroughly.

With that machine, start to make the milk warm and full of foam. If you hear sounds like “HISSING,” it’s a good sign of preparing the perfect froth.

Lots of foam is necessary; around one-third of the drink should be filled with foam or froth since it’s about preparing French vanilla cappuccino! Once the milk reaches 150 to 160-degree temperature, turn the steamer machine OFF right away.

Note: After completing your milk-steaming task, make sure to wipe off the wand with a piece rag or damp cloth.

Add a Certain Amount of Vanilla Syrup

After steaming, now your duty is to add a limited amount of French vanilla syrup. Keep in mind, it should be NO MORE THAN one to two ounces; otherwise, the cup of vanilla cappuccino will appear to be extremely sweet!

Most baristas use the flavors of the Torani Brand since it is reliable and offers a rich smell. By adding a wee bit of hazelnut syrup with vanilla syrup, it will be possible to make French vanilla syrup at home (the technique is only applicable if you do not have any French vanilla syrup).

Let the foam and milk get separate from each other. Before beginning to pull the shots of espresso, ensure to pour the milk into your favorite cup or mug. Remember, the syrup and milk should get perfectly mixed.

Level the Espresso Grounds

Start with a clean portafilter! Pour about 18 to 23 grams of espresso grounds. With the assistance of your fingers, you need to try to level all the grounds. Keep on leveling and pressing for no less than 30 seconds. A digital scale can be pretty much helpful for getting the proper measurement of espresso.

Start the Pulling Shots Straight Away

Keep the portafilter inside of the espresso machine and be sure to start the pulling shots right away, it will take a few seconds only, and for double shots, it will take up to 35 seconds for pulling.

Serve Yourself!

Take the portafilter out from the espresso machine after waiting for a while. Pour all the liquid espresso into that cup or mug and stir it once again. There we go! We have successfully prepared a nice, frothy, creamy, and YUMMY French vanilla cappuccino! Check out this video to get more information:

How to Prepare Cappuccino without an Espresso Machine

Making cappuccino without an espresso machine won’t be a tough job. Let’s learn the basic rules and techniques:

Equipment and Ingredients

  • Milk to taste
  • Instant coffee
  • Kettle or pot
  • A sealed container
  • Sugar to taste
  • 1 cup of water

The Way of Preparing

  • Boil some water in a pot or kettle and mix it carefully with 1/2 tablespoon of coffee grounds.
  • Include a little bit of sugar.
  • Pour the milk into a small-sized pot, and heat it up entirely. Remove it from the hot temperature when it starts to rise and bubble.
  • Make sure to transfer the milk into a container or sealable jar or inside a small pot.
  • Fix the container tightly and then shake it entirely till it gets a fourth foam.
  • After shaking it thoroughly, pour the milk into that mug or cup, and use a piece of a spoon for stirring it into the coffee.

Bottom Line

That was everything on making French vanilla cappuccino with an espresso machine. See, the whole process of making was a breeze!

So, from now on, there is no need to move outside to have a cup of coffee. Be sure to gather all the necessary ingredients required for a tasty French vanilla cappuccino and make it yourself without anyone’s assistance.

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