How to Run the Clean Cycle on the Bevel Espresso Machine?

They say happiness comes with a price. That’s truly relatable when you have a Bevel Espresso Machine on your kitchen countertop. It makes you fresh, refreshing coffee every day, keeping your energy level way up in the morning.

But if you’re not taking good care of the device, it will end up struggling to shower the blessed drink. Of all the favors you can do for it, cleaning is the most important one. If you don’t know how to run the clean cycle on the bevel espresso machine, you should learn immediately.

To cut you the struggle, we are here with a complete guideline for you. Follow this piece till the end to get a nice and clear idea of the process!

Bevel Espresso Machine

Why Should I Clean the Bevel Espresso Machine? 

There are more than enough reasons for running a deep clean cycle regularly on your espresso machine. Here are some points for consideration.

Bacteria and Mold formation

When you are using the machine for a long time without cleaning work, mold, and bacteria can grow inside. It can cause you to get sick with allergies. So, a deep clean may save you from such illness.

Bean Waste Ruins Taste

After you have been enjoying the extracts of the fresh beans for quite some time, you may notice that the machine will collect all the waste of the beans. These waste beans eventually cause the actual taste of the coffee to alter, and you’re no longer going to enjoy the taste you used to fathom.

It Expands the Lifespan

With regular cleaning, the device can have an extended lifespan, contrary to the no-clean method. If you leave the machine uncleaned for a long period, it’s definitely going to deteriorate faster.

How to Run a Clean Cycle?

There is definitely no one particular way to clean the machine, but you can always try different ways if you like. Here, we are going to show you three different ways you can run a deep clean cycle for your espresso device.

First Method: Regular Cleaning

The regular cleaning method should be followed at least three times a week, especially if you are using the device on a daily basis.

Here’s what you’re going to do, one step at a time;

Take off the filter holder from the machine.

Clear the coffee ground. Rinse both the shower screen and the filter holder. Use warm water for this. You can use scrubbers to make sure you are removing all the coffee grounds.

Now pour warm plain water into the filter holder cup for about 8 to 10 seconds. Then let go of the water.

Then take the froth enhancer out from the steam wand. Rine with a bit of warm water and place it back.

Now turn the selector tool of the machine and run it for at least three seconds; it will drop out any milk stuck in the want.

At this point, you need to unplug the machine and let it cool down for a few minutes.

You probably have a pin with the cleaning tool that comes with the machine. Use it to clean the opening of the steam wand. If you find any clogs on the tip of the wand, simply twist the opening off and soak in hot water to remove the clogs.

Take the drip tray out of the machine. Flush all the residue you find on it and clean it with clean water and soap.

Take a damp cloth and wipe the exterior to get rid of dripping water.

You’re done!

Second Method: Cleaning Tablets

Another way to clean your espresso machine is by using cleaning tablets. These tablets are specially made to remove and clean any residue and oils. To know more, follow these steps;

First of all, take a dual wall flyer cup and place it on the portafilter. Press the cup tightly against the filter. Now place a rubber cleaning disc above it. Take a cleaning tablet and place it in the middle. Take the portafilter and lock it to the group head, as usual.

Now you need to be careful at this point. Hold and press both the ‘1 Cup’ and ‘2 Cup’ buttons on the machine while you press the power button for three seconds.

You will see the ‘Clean Me’ cycle begin, and the light will blink on the ‘Clean Me’ sign. Now it will take only five minutes to remove all the coffee oils and residues.

Once it’s done, check the portafilter if the tablet is dissolved completely or not. If it is done perfectly, the tablet will disappear. Now rinse the portafilter and the cleaning disc with cool water.

Dry the parts and place all the parts back. You’re done!

Third Method: Using Vinegar

You can alternatively clean the espresso machine using vinegar, as well. Here’s how;

Unplug the device from the electrical board and put it in a standby position.

Fill up the water carrier with two parts of water and another part of white vinegar.

Now put a container that will collect the water and vinegar mix that will drop out of the machine.

Switch the machine on and check if the orange temperature bulb of the device turns off. It means the water is now at the correct temperature and ready to brew.

Now choose the selector control to the ‘Espresso’ mode. This will make the machine pull half of the water and vinegar mix through the brewing head of the device and end up in the container.

Place the steam wand above the container and switch the selector control to ‘steam.’ You can see the remaining mixture coming out of the steam wand.

Now fill up the water holder again and run the steps from 3 to 6 once again. After that, you’re done!

Fourth Method – Using The Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit

Finally, if you don’t want to go through all this mess, you can always try out the cleaning solutions from Breville. They make special cleaning kits that come with tablet packets, water filters, brushes, and other cleaning tools, as well.

Moreover, you can find all the instructions on the package on how to use these kits. Contact your local supplier for details on these kits as these come in a customized format for different models.

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Final Words

Most espresso device users fail to retain their coffee makers for a long time just because they have a poor idea of the clean cycle on the bevel espresso machine.

As we have shown above, the process is not a singular one; rather, you can try different methods for cleaning the device. Try any of the methods we have discussed here to ensure your device doesn’t give up before it’s the time!

Happy coffee making!

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