How to Use a Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine

Do you know what makes an espresso awesome? It’s the foam that you get in the front. Plus, it adds anew texture to your beverage while you get to taste the flavor. However, using a milk frother does not always bring great results.

Try using it on an espresso machine instead. You can count on our words. Today, we’re going to tell you how to use a milk frother on an espresso machine. The best part? It’s so easy that you can get to learn it in no time. Let’s get going.

Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine

What Is a Milk Frother?

Before moving on to the way of using a milk frother, first, you have to know what actually a milk frother is! Basically, it’s an efficient kitchen utensil designed to create some thick layers of foam for improving the flavor and texture of a drink.

It can be used to prepare some delicious, mouth-watering beverages within no time. And guess what? It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet the user’s requirements.

Types of Milk Frothers

As we have said before, you will find a number of different types of milk frothers these days. The most common ones are as follows:

Manual Frothers

Relatively cheaper and easy to use, this type of frother includes a mesh plunger, a sealed lid with a frothing pitcher. To make a good shot of espresso through manual frothers, you won’t have to be a professional at all.

Handheld Frothers

Also known as a motorized whisk, the handheld frother requires batteries to make the ”beverage-making” job successfully done! The fast-rotating motion it offers causes the drink to froth and fluff, making you able to create a foamy, creamy, and tasty beverage within a short period of time.

Electric Frothers

This is the most expensive yet efficient type of frother out there in the current market. It’s highly recommended for those who are wondering about preparing big batches of latte or macchiato in one go.

The Method of Using a Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine

Without wasting any more time, we are going straight away to the easy and most effective way of using a milk frother on an espresso machine.

You will find so many different models with different functionalities these days when it comes to choosing the espresso machine.

So, before you begin to the real action, our suggestion is to get your hands on the user manual, from which you can follow every single piece of information about using the milk frother you have purchased.

Checking the Model

Check the model you have purchased from head to toe to see if it’s a single or a double boiler. The using process will be a wee bit different, to be honest. Here, we are providing the method of single boiler milk frother since it’s efficient, reasonable, and most importantly, USER-FRIENDLY!

The Way of Using a Single Boiler Milk Frother

Well, if you get yourself the single boiler, all you have to do is prep the milk you have picked, create some layers of foams through frother, pop it inside of the microwave oven for a short time, add your desired coffee after heating it up, and Voila! You are successfully done!

That’s the simplest and most effective way of using a milk frother (single boiler). As you can see, it won’t take a lot of time to offer you a smooth, creamy, and foamy drink. Just around 10-20 minutes of time will be more than enough.

Easiest Way of Starting the Pulling Shots

The espresso machine will play the role of grounding around 15 to 25 grams of espresso. Though the amount of coffee depends on the number of people, we are just putting here a basic idea to make a single cup of caffeine.

Keep in mind, a portafilter is necessary to ground the espresso in the best way possible. In that case, you should carefully level those grounds through your fingers.

After that, you can keep the portafilter inside of the machine to start the pulling shots. It will take no more than 60 seconds to deliver you the espresso that you were waiting for, bear in mind!

Cold Milk VS Warm Milk

Which one should I choose; warm milk or cold? In our opinion, both cold and warm milk are acceptable. So, you can pick any of them in order to make a cup of creamy and foamy beverage. Thankfully, these all are compatible with milk frothers.

While using cold milk, make sure to directly add the cup of milk to the pitcher you have picked. No professional technique and no extra ingredients are required at all.

Talking about using warm water, you have to heat it up by taking 10-25 minutes of time. In that case, you can either use a microwave oven on a regular stovetop.

Using Milk Frother(Handheld) for Coffee

If you have a compact, lightweight, or let’s say a handheld motorized whisk milk frother, it will be a cinch to make a fantastic cup of coffee in no time!


  • First off, you need to take a cup of fresh milk and heat it up on your microwave oven or stovetop. Just make it slightly warm.
  • After warming it, ensure to pour it into your favorite coffee mug/cup.
  • Now, get your hands on the handheld milk frother. Start whisking. Make sure to continue till it gets to your desired froth level.
  • Once you get some layers of thin foam, pour the coffee into that cup of milk, and start re-whisking until you see some THICK layers of foam.

How to Clean a Handheld Milk Frother?

Cleaning up a handheld milk frother is not a difficult job at all. But in case you are not familiar with the basics, chances are the device you are using will get damaged!

Here is the cleaning process you should apply:

  • Turn the machine OFF right away before washing.
  • Wait for a while till the frother cools down.
  • In order to erase the stuck-on dirt carefully, it’s a wise decision to get yourself a piece of brush.
  • Collect some warm soapy water, and turn the milk frother ON after dipping the coil under the water. Wait for 25-30 seconds or so.
  • Make sure to keep the electric parts far away from that warm water.
  • Turn it off immediately. Then, you can rinse the coil under the running water, let’s say, under the faucet.
  • After completing the task, you can keep the milk frother out of the water.
  • Turn it ON again to let it completely dry.
  • To wipe it up entirely, using a piece of cloth won’t be a bad idea!

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To Conclude

From now on, you won’t have to face much of a problem using a milk frother if you have gone through our write-up on how to use a milk frother on an espresso machine.

Always make sure to read the user manual after purchasing any product. So, whether it’s an electric, handheld, or even manual frother, learning the proper way of using it is a MUST to get the best result!

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