Breville Infuser Review [Model- BES840XL]

In the 21st century, coffee makers are a dime a dozen. The market is littered with thousands of options to cater to the masses’ obsession with the hot beverage.

It is no surprising factor that there are millions of people scattered around the globe who cannot imagine starting their day without a steaming hot cup of their favorite brew.

Despite there being so many options, the real trick is finding the perfect device you can use at home and office.

Our Breville Infuser review will introduce you to one such device that can smoothly fit the bill regarding such products. Its stellar performance and nifty features make it one of the most popular choices among its competitors.


The Infuser comes from a brand that is synonymous with kitchenware worldwide. Like every other product by the American brand Breville, it is a step up in performance and efficiency compared to its competitors.

It relies heavily on its ability to brew strong cups of coffee as it has little to no flourish in terms of aesthetics.

A significant aspect of this unit is its user-friendly interface. It is not complicated to use at all and features a very minimalistic control panel for a smooth and convenient operation. It’s immaculate and nifty in terms of application as well.

The device sports a body that ensures no spillage while making coffee and helps users minimize wastage.

In terms of performance, you can’t go wrong with the Infuser. It gives you the maximum possible control to ensure that you get a cup of joe that tailors your need the best. Each serving can be different from the other while still maintaining consistency in terms of rich taste.

Lastly, it also has a unique cleaning system which won’t require you to get your hands dirty, unlike most of its competitors.

Key Features

We have listed all the perks and benefits of the Breville Infuser below to give you a proper idea about this unit. Keep on reading to understand why so many people prefer it over the other coffee makers currently available.


As the famous saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. Breville ensures that potential consumers will get the idea that this item is all about functionality just by looking at it.

In terms of aesthetic value, it sports a very minimal amount. It exudes a metallic color that will remind you of retro coffee machines. In terms of the design itself, the Infuser sports a user-friendly format with simplistic controls. It features a rectangular structure with funnels and pipes protruding from the top.

The bottom is a drainage tray with ample space to prevent coffee from spilling out onto the kitchen counter or floor. Lastly, it has six buttons to conveniently customize brews, determine the quantity of serving, and quick cleaning.

Brew Quality

There are no factors more crucial than the drink quality when users are looking to buy a new coffee maker. Consistency is absolutely important as no one wants to compromise with their brew at any given time.

Therefore, it’s natural to go for an option that provides steaming hot mugs of joe with the right blend at every serving.

Breville has gone to great lengths to ensure that you have the consistent experience of delicious servings of coffee in every serving with this product. You will get the optimum flavor in every sip as it features the effective four keys formula.

This method ensures a proper ratio of all the necessary ingredients and the right temperature to maintain the taste.

Quantity Control

Dosage is a critical factor to consider when making espresso. The size and servings depend significantly on the user’s taste and the requirement to get the best drinking experience. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for you to get a coffee maker that gives you maximum control over the volume and quantity in each brew shot.

One of the main reasons why you can consider buying the Infuser is because of the flexibility it provides in determining quantity. You won’t find another alternative that can provide you with the level of freedom to choose the amount in each shot.

It comes with two-preset one-shot and two-shot modes. On top of that, you can also manually control the amount of espresso you want in each serving.

Water Pressure Adjustment

An excellent indicator of whether an espresso machine can customize servings is its flexibility with water pressure settings. It is an excellent indicator of the flavor and density of the brew you will be getting from the device.

The more independence you have here, the better the machine will be able to utilize the ingredients best.

You will love using this product because of how accurate the water pressure settings it has. Each cup of espresso goes through a gradual buildup process, with the pressure slowly rising throughout the brewing period.

This method helps extract maximum flavors from the coffee beans and other components to give you the proper taste.

Dairy Integration

As much as coffee purists would disagree, it is quite true that many people prefer to have milk with their drink. You may think of it as an abomination, but it certainly amplifies the flavor for many.

However, it is important to get the milk and beans ratio just right. After all, a simple miscalculation can result in the entire taste going haywire.

Breville understands this factor’s importance and has integrated this item with a Manual Microfoam Milk Texturing feature. 1650W of energy courses through it to ensure that its steam wand functions at full throttle.

This quality allows the device to warm the microfoam relatively faster than its competitors to create a delicious frothy taste.

Temperature Customization

One of the biggest problems of having a coffee maker is the difference in brew on simultaneous use. Most machines do not judge the existent temperature of an already hot coffee pot. Thus, they heat it in the same temperature levels with the same intensity.

This miscalculation can often result in the coffee pot damaging and the coffee getting ruined.

Buying the Infuser will be an excellent decision because it is very conscious about heat control. This unit mitigates the body’s heat once it is done brewing and steaming a batch of coffee.

Therefore, it maintains consistency in the process of brewing each serving. You will get the distinct pleasure of experiencing rich espresso at the proper heat in every cup!


Buying a coffee machine is not enough to experience the complete convenience of a hot brew. There are loads of attachments that can make this process smoother and convenient when used alongside such products.

However, making separate purchases can be quite costly. So, it’s best to look for value when buying such units to get a good deal.

You will love this espresso maker because purchasing it will ensure that you won’t have to buy any extra components separately.

Each unit comes with a plethora of components, including filter baskets, a stainless steel jug, and many more to ensure that your expenses get as minimized as possible. It is truly a product worth its price.


  • Complete the package of attachments with each purchase
  • Diffuses temperature after every brew to maintain consistency
  • Manual Microfoam Milk Texturing for fast operation
  • Smooth and calculative water pressure application
  • Espresso quantity is fully customizable


  • Cheap plastic body
  • Solenoid drops quickly, and noise emission increases


Model NumberBES840XL
ColorStainless Steel
Capacity3.8 Pounds
Dimensions11.5 x 13.7 x 13.25 inches
Weight17 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Power1650 Watts
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the signal for stopping espresso machines?

The simplest way to understand if your espresso machine is done brewing is by checking for blonding. To simplify, if the liquid starts getting lighter in color, then it’s best to stop the device. Proceeding any further will result in the quality degrading.

  • Is it important to descale an espresso machine?

Descaling is vital for keeping the espresso machine clean and performing properly. A dirty coffee maker will not be able to heat up and brew with the same efficiency as a cleaner one. It can also result in water clogging up and a buildup of mineral scale, which can damage the device.

  • What is the indicator for an espresso finishing brewing?

The best way to look out for the brewing completion of the espresso is sound. So the moment you hear the liquid inside the coffee pot stop bubbling and splashing, your drink will be ready.

  • How long does an espresso take to brew?

The brewing time for an espresso depends on the quality of the tool you’re using. Typically, a good espresso maker can finish making the drink within 30 seconds.

  • Is pressure important for making espresso?

Pressure plays an important role in the quality of the espresso. It is the deciding factor between a homebrew and café quality. The higher the pressure your coffee maker has, the more intense and rich the flavor of the coffee will be.

Final Verdict

There might be many options for coffee makers in the current market. However, we are confident that you will never look for alternatives now that you have read our Breville Infuser review.

You will never have to think about replacements and extra expenses once you get this item. The plethora of perks it provides is too good to be true and will give you the best experience possible!

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