De’Longhi Dinamica Review [Model- ECAM35020B]

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, espresso machines are something you can’t live without. Just in case you’re on the hunt for a simple yet effective espresso maker, you can definitely go for the De’Longhi Dinamica automatic coffee & espresso machine.

It not only is a convenient and smart design for your home but also claims to deliver smooth and delicious iced coffee.

Whether you’re looking to brew your regular hot espresso drinks or a glass of iced coffee, this espresso machine has got you covered. So, we’ve come up with a detailed De’Longhi Dinamica review where you can attain information about the overall features of the product.

Overview Of Dinamica

When you’re on the hunt for an amazing and smart espresso maker for your home, the De’Longhi Dinamica is one of the best options out there! It is simple, basic, and suitable for your everyday coffee needs.

De'Longhi Dinamica

This espresso machine is a unique find. It comes with a solid and sturdy design. No matter the kind of coffee machine you are looking for, the exterior and construction are what sets something apart.

The build of this espresso maker is designed to suit your kitchen and look attractive. Apart from its attractive design, it bears some amazing features that can convert your coffee experiments to a whole new level.

It works by brewing your coffee at a lower temperature, incorporating the coffee into the ice so well that the coffee is smooth and rich. The ice used during brewing is not watered down completely so that the coffee delivered is chilled and refreshing.

Such an expert mode of action allows you to enjoy your coffee just like you’d expect at a café.

Even if you’re looking for something that can make the best hot cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos, this machine will deliver. So, whether you’re a hot coffee person or an iced drink person, you can have the best of both worlds through this amazing product.

Within 30-40 seconds, you can count on this machine to start heating up and brewing the coffee. It also features an Italian fifteen-bar high-performance pump that ensures the longevity and high quality of the machine.

15 bar pump pressure incorporated in such a solid machine provides a higher quality espresso and supplements the coffeemaker’s brewing skills.

The presence of a bean-to-cup brewing system makes coffee processing easier and helps to deliver the freshest coffee instantly. It also enhances the natural aroma and taste of the coffee without any compromise.

So, if you like having your early morning coffee as fresh as possible, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

It also bears a built-in steel burr grinder that works magically to offer you the best taste of coffee. Grinding coffee beans separately before making the coffee helps retain freshness and diffuses the aroma of the beans more appropriately.

This grinder does a great job of transforming your coffee beans into the most flavorful coffee ever!

You can also find an integrated and adjustable manual frothier that is essential for any coffee experiment. Even if you’ve got no previous experience as a barista, you can still create some amazing coffee art using this manual frothier.

Getting a manual frothier helps you to adjust the foam level according to your expertise and capacity so that every step is a new lesson.

Another great thing about this machine is that you will face no hassle to clean it. The drip tray can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It takes almost no time to set it up after you’re done washing it. So, it can be handled easily on a daily basis and is very user-friendly.

Overall, this is a great espresso machine with some great characteristics that can make your coffee experience better every day. We have a list of combo machines that can make coffee and espresso both at a time.

Key Features

When you’re looking for investing in an espresso machine, the first thing you want to check out is the versatility and overall features of the product. Let’s jump to the specifications and important key features of this coffee maker so that you can decide if it’s worth buying.

De'Longhi ECAM35020B Dinamica


The De’Longhi Dinamica espresso machine has a smart and sleek design that will look attractive on your kitchen counters. It has dimensions of 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8cm, which is pretty great for averagely spacious kitchens.

Its glossy black color and the well-designed LCD make it look stylish. The design is simple &polished and will suit any home.

Grinding Technology

This espresso maker comes with the finest integrated grinding technology that grinds the beans in such a perfect manner that your coffee tastes fresh every time you make a new batch. And the best part is that you can adjust the grinding intensity according to your preference.

So, you won’t have to compromise the way you want your coffee to taste. The grinding technology is equipped with scaled conical steel grinders. These grinders do a good job of providing 100% accuracy and enhancing the coffee flavor.

Although the grinder is quite loud during the action, it’s quite tolerable compared to traditional espresso maker grinders. Plus, it’s easy to clean if you’re planning to grind consecutive batches of coffee beans. The grinding technology is definitely one of the best features of this unique product.

Temperature Control

What makes a coffee maker stand out the most? Its temperature control properties, undoubtedly. The taste of a true coffee, hot or cold, depends on the steaming and brewing. That is where temperature control plays an important role.

This coffee maker is built with an electronically controlled steaming system that regulates the generation of steam at an ideal temperature, making your coffee perfect. You can get steamed milk in just 20 seconds, which is pretty great compared to other espresso makers. It’s easy, effortless, and quick!

Starting from making hot cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes to cold coffees, this coffee maker will be your best friend every day.


On the go after waking up late and badly in need of a cup of espresso? Just push a single or double espresso shot button and you’ll have your espresso! This machine will carry out the rest of the job and deliver you the best espresso of the day.

It’s that easy &fast, and it requires no effort at all. The touchscreen display is innovative and smart to use. From a single espresso to a double espresso, or even a long espresso, you can get them all delivered with the touch of a single button.

Handling the machine is also not tough at all. There is no complicated feature as well. It comes with an auto shut-off feature which is perfect for anyone. Other user-friendly features of this product are the energy-saving function, the power supply switch, and the ability to program the hardness of the water.

Besides, you can also observe the warning red flashes on the display that indicate any error, or need for extra water or beans. This is a very helpful feature, especially for those who are not professionals in coffee brewing. Such features take this machine to a more sophisticated level in terms of action.


Another important feature that comes to mind while checking out an espresso maker is how much maintenance it requires. Let’s face it, no one likes spending hours cleaning their coffee maker, since it needs to be used on a daily basis.

The Dinamica is definitely ahead of traditional espresso makers in this sector. It is super easy to clean, and quick too! You can remove the base parts, including the drip tray, and run them in your dishwasher.

Hand washing will also do the job if it’s not too much of a hassle for you. Usually, a once or twice-a-week clean-up is perfect. But it depends on the number of coffee batches you make daily.

After cleaning, the parts can be put back in their original place without any difficulty. You can also clean the grinder easily without any trouble. Overall, this product requires minimal maintenance, which makes it a versatile option for your home.


  • One-touch options for versatility
  • High-precision grinding technology
  • Innovative and quick brewing ability
  • Generates steam at an optimal temperature
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivers the rich and fresh taste of coffee in every batch


  • Manual milk frother can be difficult for some users
  • The spout of the machine is slightly compact

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this machine require filling coffee beans every time before making coffee?

It is recommended to grind your beans before making your coffee to obtain a fresh and natural taste. But if you need several batches of coffee in a single day, you can definitely store the beans and drink coffee anytime you want.

There is plenty of space for storing an adequate amount of coffee beans that can last you up to a week!

  • What kind of milk can you foam in this machine?

With this espresso machine, you can foam any kind of milk. The results will never compromise in the milk category. Whether you’re using soy, almond, coconut, rice, or just regular cow milk, this machine will do a good job of foaming it and creating a rich & creamy foam for your coffee.

  • What is the ideal cup height that can fit in this espresso maker?

Ideally, up to 5 inches of height can fit in this espresso maker. This is basically the average cup height, so it’s convenient.

  • What is the highest temperature this machine can provide?

The highest temperature you can get after brewing in this espresso maker is around 167 to 178 ˚F. This is ideal for different espresso shots, so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee every time.

  • How do you clean the grinder?

Cleaning the coffee grinder in this machine is very easy. Unplug your grinder and separate the burrs. Give a good shake to the sides and use a soft brush to scour away all the grime inside. You can also use cotton buds to reach the stubborn ends.

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To wrap up the De’Longhi Dinamica review, it can be concluded that this is a spectacular and incredible espresso machine for your home.

Coffee lovers have always been drawn to smart features in espresso makers but are always disappointed when they can’t find the features they’re looking for.

This one, however, checks all the boxes that any coffee enthusiast might want in their coffee maker. Be it the stylish design, smart technology, or perfect brewing facilities, you can’t go wrong with this one. So, overall, this will be a perfect and suitable option for your everyday coffee-making journey.

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