How to Make a Flat White with an Espresso Machine?

Do you love drinking flat white? However, you’re too lazy of a person to get to the café next to you to get yourself a cup? Well, who needs that bummer anyway? You can just get yourself an espresso machine and make the flat white yourself.

‘No way I can give that professional-like touch.’ — if this is what you’re saying right now, it’s probably time we should shed some light on you.  Yep, we’ll teach you how to make a flat white with an espresso machine, and that too in the best way possible. You won’t even feel like it’s a homemade flat white.

So, without more chit-chat, let’s dive in.

Differences between a Flat White and a Cappuccino

Even though both of these two drinks look almost the same and offer a rich aroma and taste, you will find a few differences.

When it comes to the flat white, it is made of micro-foam steamed-milk and two shots of espresso grounds with small air bubbles. If you prepare it correctly, you will get a velvety or smooth texture with tiny bubbles.

On the flip side, a cappuccino is well-known and loved because of the thick layer of foam it comes with. When we talk about milk, a cappuccino requires hotter milk at a degree of around 140°F. Since the flat white holds the natural sweetness, it should be prepared at a degree of 130°F.

Ingredients Required

  • Double shots of espresso
  • 120 ml of milk (1/2 cup)

Making a Flat White With an Espresso Machine? Step-by-step Guide

Making a Flat White With an Espresso Machine

Follow the below-mentioned technique to learn the exact way of preparing a flat white with an espresso machine:

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Preparing the Shots of Espresso

You’re one step away to learn how to make the espresso shots. We’re talking about the most effective yet simplest way to get the job done for you. All you need to do is, follow these steps. Let’s get going.

Get Your Hands on A Cup

First, get a small-sized serving cup and fill it entirely with some warm water. Let the cup gets adequately hot. Go for preparing your machine and espresso grounds.

Note: The reason we have picked a small cup is because a flat white is made of less milk as compared to the latte and cappuccino.

Heat Up the Water Tank

Fill the entire water tank of your espresso machine with water. After following the manufacturer’s rules and techniques, you should heat the device before preparing espresso grounds.

For example, if your machine’s capability is about 1200 ml, ensure to heat it up for up to 15 minutes or so.

Measuring the Espresso Grounds

Ensure to use a specific scale for measuring the weight of espresso grounds. According to the professional barista, it’s necessary to take around 18 to 21 grams of espresso grounds on a dry portafilter and keep in mind, it should be spick and span as well. To get the best flavor possible, try to find freshly ground espresso.

Note: It is okay to pick any size of grounds, but our personal choice is fine instead of course since this type requires less hassle and time to prepare.

Push the Espresso Grounds

Take a nice, flat, and clean surface to keep the portafilter; you can use a tamper for pushing the grounds down firmly. Ensure to apply equal pressure so that espresso grounds get flat as a pancake! Again, it should be very level.

Take The Portafilter Inside of the Machine

After leveling them carefully, simply place the portafilter inside of the espresso machine. But here is one thing, you should keep turning the group head ON for a few seconds in order to reduce the coffee grounds that you have used before.

So, after placing the portafilter inside the espresso machine, ensure to start the pulling shots very quickly. To deliver you some drops of coffee, it will take just around a few seconds. As you are preparing a double shot of espresso, it will take less than 40 seconds to pull.

Capture the Espresso Shots

Cast the hot water away from the cup once it gets completely hot. After pouring the water, place it under the spout of the portafilter to capture the espresso shots right away. Since you are taking double shots, it will take no more than 30 seconds to fill your cup or mug.

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Steaming the Milk

So, you’re done preparing the espresso shots? Now it’s time to steam the milk. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Get 120ml of Milk

To get the creamy, smooth, and best micro foam, we suggest using whole milk. But if you have digestion issues, then it is fine to choose almond or soy milk. What about the amount? Well, it should be 120 ml (around 1/2 cup of milk).

Expert Tips

  • After steaming, the volume of milk will increase a little bit. So there is no need to fill the entire pitcher with milk.
  • Whole milk requires more time to steam as compared to alternative options. It’s always a wise decision to stay away from over-steaming.

Time for Steaming

Position the pitcher under the steam wand and start steaming. Remember, you should see some thin layers of foam instead of massive amounts of bubbles. To know the temperature of the milk, be sure to use a food thermometer.

Once the pitcher gets hot enough, turn the steam wand OFF instantly. The temperature should be no less than 140 degrees and no more than 160-degree.

A Different Technique

If you have no steam wand, you can apply another efficient technique. In that case, you have to fill a microwave-friendly jar with milk, close the lid firmly, shake it for 25 to 65 seconds, and then you can take the lid off. After that, you will see the milk has got some thin layers of foam with a couple of air bubbles.

We’re Done!

Once you complete your steaming job, pour the whole milk into that cup of espresso. As you are getting very close to the top, move the cup a little bit so the froth can float to the peak. To hold the milk’s volume, you should try to accomplish the job as early as you can.

Note: After doing a lot of practice, you will be capable of creating some great designs on your favorite flat white.

Last Words

A cup of smooth, foamy, and tasty flat white is better than all those typical drinks. In fact, you can save yourself from spending lots of cash by preparing a cup of flat white espresso at home.

Our article on how to make a flat white with an espresso machine contains every little information you require to make a healthy, delicious, and home-made flat white. Present it in front of your family, and you will definitely get a great response!

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